what to wear for sushi and a movie

Don't worry, I have a stack of reviews for you this weekend. For now, though, I'm trying to catch up on all my Oscar-nominated films before the show. But last night we finally caught Frost/Nixon, and I wore my plaid shirt how I've been planning to all along: as a contrast with a very girly skirt. I liked the result; le husband claimed I looked like an extra for Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. Someone else said it was more of a Beverly Hillbillies effect. I don't care; I liked it.
kiss the cat
shirt: thrifted
skirt: vintage
shoes: jcrew
belt: target
headband/earrings: target

A slightly better view, although I lack in chinnage.

With my coat on. (Vintage, of course.) Yes, I'm standing on my baking station hugging a deer head. As to why there's a deer head above my baking station, well, there's really no explanation for that, except that I think it's funny.


three ways to wear a yellow dress

I'm still obsessed with yellow, and wish I could afford this dress. But since I can't, I'll play dress up in my head.

tough girl sweet
tough girl sweet - by vintagechica on Polyvore.com
This girl reads french novels, drinks too much red wine, and rides a motorcycle in her stilettos. She loves pasta, grows herbs in a pot on her windowsill, and spends her evenings drinking strong coffee and debating with her friends. 

the classic girl
the classic girl - by vintagechica on Polyvore.com
This girl dreams of being a museum curator and knows how to ballroom dance. Her secret passion is sour patch kids, and her perfume is Chanel Mademoiselle. Her favorite book is Jane Eyre. 

art girl
art girl - by vintagechica on Polyvore.com
This girl majors in art and shops at vintage stores. Her currently project is knitting a giant sweater for the tree outside her dorm window. She's trying to give up smoking, so instead she sucks on lollipops, and they're the only thing in her outfit that matches anything else. 

So then I guess the question is: which one is me? Well, bits of all three, I suppose.


more shoe love

May I just say that if any of these pop up at Rugged Wearhouse for $20 a pair, I'm buying. Shopping ban or not. Well, maybe not the flats. 

All from Jcrew.com


wednesday wonderfulness

Here we go!
Ok, I'm stopping now. I know this is a short list, but I have a wedding due Friday that um, I haven't started editing yet. So I'm going to go work now. 


how to: dye yarn with koolaid

So if you're a fiber fiend, you know the good stuff is expensive. Consequently, I'm always checking thrift store and yard sales for  bits of good yarn. I found this stuff at a thrift store in Ohio: three skeins of four ounces each of virgin wool. The "100% wool" designation is important; you can't dye artificial fibers (but why would you want to waste time on THAT???). So anyway, I liked this yarn, and it's a decent color, but I knew it wasn't something I would ever actually wear. So to make it usable, I had to dye it. You can buy acid chemical dyes, but they're expensive and messy. Also: I wanted to get knitting on this stuff right away! (Side note: you know those packets of Rit dyes at the grocery store? You don't want to mess with those, apparently. You use different types of dyes for cottons and wools, and Rit dye is half of one and half of the other to enable use on everything. So basically half of it is washing right down the drain.) Enter Koolaid! You know those little packets of flavored chemicals? Yep, the make a great dye. I've tried them before, and I decided that over-dying this turquoise with purple could yield a decent result. If it didn't work, well, I'd pick up chemical dye and turn it black. 
Knitpicks suggests using 1 packet of dye per ounce of yarn; I used all 20 packets for the 12 ounces that I had. 

I rewound my yarn into big loops, and loosely tied them in at least two places with bits of yarn. That way the dye would saturate everything. 

Best thing about using koolaid: it's foodsafe. So my largest pot got filled with water and I stirred in the powder. The cat found this to be a most intriguing smell. Benefit to dying with koolaid: your whole house smells of GRAPES. 

I've heard that you're supposed to saturate your yarn with water before you submerge it so that it takes the dye evenly, but I didn't do that. I just plunged the yarn into the water, poked it thoroughly, and put the whole thing on the stove. Heat the water to just below boiling, pull off the heat, cover, and let sit until cool. Then pull your yarn out and rinse it thoroughly. 

If your yarn has absorbed all possible color, the water left in the pot will be nearly clear. 

I looped my yarn over hangers and let it dry completely. 

Voila! Lovely purple yarn! It definitely has a bit of a mottled color, which is what I wanted; I didn't want a solid bright purple sweater that would make me look like Grimace
So. Now I have a stack of purple yarn! Yay! Now I just need to decide what to do with it. 


shoe covetability

So I haven't mentioned this yet on the blog, but I'm on a shopping ban until July 1. Yes, six months. No shoes, no clothes. So if I'm going to drool over shoes, I'm going to drool over shoes that are my monthly rent payment, and won't therefore actually be tempted to buy. All from barneys.


Jackie vs. Nancy: a whitehouse smackdown. Who do you think wins?


a good day's work!

So at our store we are the official cupcake allstars; we love us some cupcakes, and we sell them like nobody's business. For some obscure reason, however, corporate doesn't send us any marketing materials to use in drivethrough. My boss asked me to put something together, and I jumped at the chance to play around with food photography. I think I like "meet the trio" best, despite some technical flaws. You? 


wall art

So I have a couple of frames to fill, and am working on a lineup of different framed pieces along the top of one shelf. So I saw this a couple of weeks ago, and I love the idea of text as art, so I tried my own take on it. I'm rereading Ragamuffin Gospel, so I used a quote from that. I should turn this into a wallpaper, but I don't feel like it. Just wanted to share.

wednesday wonderfulness, a day late

My internet connection was evil yesterday, so I couldn't post all my lovely linkage. Here you are:


So if you're my friend on facebook, you know that I gave le husband a hedgehog for Christmas. If you're my friend, you might also have been requesting more pictures of the little nipper. Well, here they are. If you haven't previously met him, his name is Heathcliff, but we call him Angel because we think he bears a striking resemblance to David Boreanaz.


current favorites

So I've been sick today, which leaves me lots of time to browse flickr, and I have some new favorites. Trends I'm seeing: muted colors, low contrast, amazing light.
My creation

1. Ann, 2. AnnJosh-208_Efex5, 3. day three o seven. add color to my sunset sky., 4. day three hundred fifty four. a lady knows how to host a dinner party..., 5. wishing you..., 6. Untitled, 7. .Andy & Stephanie., 8. 1-6-2009 Jake and Elizabeth-086, 9. 1-6-2009 Jake and Elizabeth-019, 10. honey, honey, 11. le tiro un beso, 12. Untitled

motivation to keep going

If you ever wanted proof that doing something every. single. day will make you better at it, check out this set. She did project 365, and the photos start out cute but simple. Get about 6 or 8 months through, and they're gooooorgeous. In particular, check out the last page her "lady" images. Amazing.


you want inspiration?

I'll show you inspiration. This guy has shot campaigns for Kate Spade, and you can see why. Absolutely breathtaking. 


wednesday wonderfulness

I know, I am a bad, bad blogger. But I do have a few links for you today. 


review: the curious case of benjamin button

So I finally had a chance to see this much-lauded film. And, well, I'll put it bluntly: I was underwhelmed. I know it was written and directed by the same guys who did Forrest Gump, and in some ways there are similarities: the whole idea of an innocent seeing a time of change. However, while the movie was visually gorgeous, and I now want to steal Cate Blanchett's hair, it was just cold, at least until Cate came onscreen. The technology was amazing, but Brad Pitt left me cold. I didn't really care that much about his character; the story only came alive when Cate come on. And she was brilliant. Absolutely lovely.
And this is short and disjointed because I have a headache, so tell me: what did you think?


a sad day

So jpgmag.com is shutting down. I got an email last night, and as of monday there will be no more jpg. Thanks for voting for my latest submission; now I'll be forced to push myself harder. I think we will all be sad, though.