wednesday wonderfulness

Hello wonderful readers! I'm hoping your week has been fantastic; mine has been...a week, so far. I know, enlightening, right? But anyway, here are some goodies gathered from around the interwebs.
So what are you finding wonderful this wednesday?


Kat said…
RE: The Sassy magazine blog - I've never seen her before, but DAMN, that 13-year-old can write better than a lot of 33-year-olds. She's articulate, insightful and funny. Where was I when I was 13? Being a complete dork, that's what. I wasn't even "sassy."

Man, mad respect.
leigh said…
I love that Tavi...she is so cute! BTW, I have been visiting you on and off for a bit and just LOVE your bliggidy blog! I'm making some cake balls for a Mother's Day Tea at my son's school.

Thanks for the inspiration!

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