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vacation reads

10 days, 6 books, cover to cover. I used to read much more, but these days I squeeze it in here and there. Vacation, however, is the time I catch up. I headed down to the Outer Banks with a crate of books, and I got through some of them. These are the ones I read (clicking on the image takes you to the goodreads page for more info). My favorites were Cork Dork, If We Were Villains, and Dead Letters. "Cork Dork" was recommended by my sister, and it was fascinating. I'm not a wine person, particularly, but it dug into the science of taste and smell, and I'm completely enthralled. Can't stop thinking about what I learned and how to apply it at work.  "If We Were Villains" is fiction, and is about a group of young theater students who face a tragedy. It bounces back and forth between timelines, and does an amazing job of using the words of Shakespeare to communicate their emotions.  "Dead Letters" is also fiction, about an identical twin whos

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