wednesday wonderfulness, the "I should probably be doing something profitable" edition

However, since I do have time to surf the internet on my iPad while feeding, I have a few links of goodness.
For now that's all..well, except for this: my little squeaky man.

Lincoln at two weeks

He's 16 days old now! And he's starting to look a little more like me.


announcing lincoln everett

::born 3.12.12::
::8 pounds, five ounces, 21 inches long::
::I'll be back soon, I promise.::


mostly pugs

This is my husband, wearing a sport coat and driving his front end loader. (You can't see it, but he's also wearing driving mocs.)

These are the pugs supervising. They make good supervisors.

This is Bernadette soaking up warm sun and looking adorable.

This is Bernadette, still looking adorable, but intrigued by the camera.

That is all.

six degrees of weird

So you know how Facebook suggests "people you may know"? Well, a name popped up today, I had no idea who it was, but I had four mutual friends so I thought that might provide a clue.
Welp. Now I'm just weirded out. I typed in labels--you have to realize that these people all live literally miles apart. And for someone to be friends with somebody from both my mom AND dad's sides of the family? STRANGE.

Anyway. Still no idea who this is.


wednesday wonderfulness, not in labor yet!

Although I certainly wish I was! But pregnancy insomnia has given me a bit more online time lately, and you all get to reap the dubious benefits. Enjoy!
That should give you plenty to read for a while.