Sorry for the long absense! We're currently without internet, so blogging is just not happening. I'll be back as soon as I can.


If you know me at all, you know I love shoes. The higher and more impractical they are, the more I like them. I always wanted to be six feet tall, and I stopped growing about 4 inches too soon. So I make up for it with my footwear. People who only know me outside of work are genuinely surprised when they see me barefoot and realize they're actually taller than I.
It's true about women and shoes, you know. No matter how sad, or grumpy, or angry, or overweight, or stressed I am, shoes make it better. They always fit, and they always look perfect.


please try to rain on my parade

I know I have a vintage umbrella collection, but I really think I need one of these as well. Don't you agree? Both from Bella Umbrella.


self-portrait sunday

week ten

My husband kept telling me I looked like the camel cigarette girl, and I had no idea what he was talking about, and then I went and got my hair chopped without telling him. Guess what? I really do look like the camel cigarette girl.


smacking me awake

I don't even know who linked to this article, but I started reading the whole thing this morning, and oh. Wow. So many sections just kick me in the pants.
We have a choice; the alternative is to risk nothing, remain safe, and create art – or run a business – that comes not from a place of vulnerability and transparency, or a place that’s truly, uniquely ourselves, but from the surface. We might even do well commercially, creating from this space (afterall, there’s plenty of money in creating crap) – but even if it rises above the mediocre it will never, ever – and this is the point – say the thing our soul has been wanting to say. We will always be dissatisifed.

The question isn’t, Should I risk? Of course you should! But we’re already risking. The question is, Which risk should you take? Which risk scares you more – the risk of failing, of thrashing about creating a bunch of crappy images on your way to creating something great? Or the risk of doing nothing, watching your ideas gather dust while the images in your mind go unexpressed, unmade, as your life passes.

Read the whole thing.


wednesday wonderfulness

Well, lovelies, awesomeness is cooking up. Which means I'm staying busy and have little time for the interwebs. Le sigh. However, I still have some goodness for you guys!
And that's all for nowsies. Loves!


in which I feel swapalicious

So, I'm in a CD burning mood, ladies, and I want some new musics. Herein lies the dealio: mail me a mix CD, whatever your current favorites are, no theme required, and I'll send one back to you. If you want my mailing address, email me: vdoprincess at gmail dot com.
Can't wait! (Yes, I have yours planned already. Mostly.)


self-portrait sunday: night owl

::night owl::

Contrary to popular belief, I do not like mornings. I'm just constitutionally incapable of being quiet, hence my ridiculous cheeriness at insane hours. In fact, I like working at night much better.
Things are quiet, distractions are lessened, the compulsion to constantly check Facebook instead of working isn't as strong. My favorite nights are those in which I get lost in a labyrinth of images in Lightroom, editing "just one more" until I'm done, and I look at the clock and it's two am. So on nights when I don't have to work early, this is what it looks like a my house: me, sitting alone in the dark, face scrubbed, drowned in the light streaming from my computer screen.
It's a good life.


happy friday!

I'm working today and then we're leaving for Ohio tonight when I get off, to return late Sunday night. Attending a wedding saturday, brother-in-law's birthday that night, potential photo shoot with Attack Cat Sunday morning, driving home late that night, at work at 5 AM monday.
So, um, I don't have much for you at this point. I do, however, have some eye candy. So enjoy, and have a fantastically lovely weekend.

This is just pretty.

Paper Dreams from Kenneth Onulak on Vimeo.

This one is rather witty.

Bon Homme - Mother from Fake Diamond Records on Vimeo.

This has a singing t-rex and bikini-clad hipsters. EPIC.

The Black Keys - Next Girl - Frank Version from Chris Marrs Piliero on Vimeo.

I'm not a huge World Cup fan (I don't have time to watch sports) but I absolutely love this video: you really get a sense of what soccer means to the rest of the world, besides which, they all look like they're having fun.

And with that, if you haven't seen this ad (although you probably have): it's fantastic. Weiden + Kennedy are a pretty amazing agency.

Nike Write The Future from Wieden + Kennedy London on Vimeo.


so I chopped my hair

Without, for once, polling the entirety of my acquaintance. I thought about it yesterday when the reminder popped up about today's appointment, and swithered all day. I didn't tell my husband, didn't consult my sisters, and didn't make up my mind until the very last minute. And now, according to my husband, I look like this:

We shall see.


wednesday wonderfulness

It's a mad mad mad mad world, lovelies. I have nothing besides that.
Finally, something lovely to listen to. I've pretty much been looping this constantly since a friend hooked me on it two weeks ago.


loving on so many levels

I happened across this music video by accident, but I absolutely love the asthetic--the pale, washed colors, the split-screening--and I love the fact that it uses the simple version of Poker Face. But mostly I love that opening shot with the balloons: I think I feel a photo shoot coming on.


self-portrait sunday


Project 52, week 8
What's black and white and read all over?
That would be me.

I come from a long and less-than-illustrious line of bibliophiles. Being homeschooled was only the excuse; the truth is, my mom loves books. Period. The more bizarre and obscure, the better. Four volume biography of John Adams? We had it. Parts of the eight-volume history of the British Isles by Churchill? Let me get that for you! How to make your own marionette theater, complete with scripts? I read and reread that one. (It was interesting, ok?) If any of us had a question, we were told "go look it up!" And in those long ago pre-internet days, we would trot off to the encyclopedia (purchased at a thrift store, I'm sure) and winnow out the knowledge we needed. Every thrift store bag day meant another pile of old and interesting-looking books would make their way home.
But mostly the books sat on the shelf, waiting for the day when one of us would suddenly decide to learn how to make children's toys out of wood, and sadly, that day never came.
So there was this one time my dad drew the line: WE HAD TO GET RID OF BOOKS.
So my mom spent several days out in the book shed (oh, yes, they had their own building now) sorting and tossing and sorting some more. And at the end of that time she emerged, heartbroken and yet triumphant: she had gotten rid of books! Eighteen banana boxes (yes, banana boxes--the kind used at the supermarket) of books were loaded up and donated to the church.
So, um, yeah. We like books at my house. This is about half of my collection, and I'll be honest: I just got rid of a bunch. And none of these are Jared's. And no, I've not read all of them. About half, actually.
But they look interesting, and someday I will.


join this quick!

Starting Sunday: Creativity Boot Camp. I'm in. You?

a belated birthday trip

We were supposed to go to NYC for megs' birthday back in April, but she was kind of busy passing 23 credits of classes. So we rescheduled, and inadvertently planned it for Memorial Day weekend. For the most part that worked really well; we were able to hang out with two our of former coworkers since it was a holiday. They only downside was the shortage of really good deals on hotels. Our hotel was a little scary, but it was right off 5th avenue, and that makes up for a LOT.

Yes, I'm a bed jumper. This was an attempt at my project 52 photo, but it was just too dark. I should have brought more flashes! I still like it, though.

grand central
Grand Central...Terminal, I think. This is about a two-second exposure. We were there at night; I wish I had time to go back during the day.

bryany park
Bryant Park. Another two-second exposure, and that's my friend Kwon sitting VERY VERY still. I'm loving night photography lately.
newyork012 newyork013
newyork014 newyork015
This art installation featured a series of amazingly mustachioed men and an empty frame so we could all have handlebar mustaches.

This was at Highline Park (I think) near sunset. The light was just so perfect and lovely, I made them all smile for me.

Quick lesson on the importance of context in photos. I love this little critter.

Since it was Memorial Day, and the usual international flags were replaced with American ones. We were there just as they started taking them down and ceremonially folding them.
newyork028 newyork029
Tuesday morning: a visit to the museum of sex. Super-interesting, actually. Very clinical, very imformative. I learned about monkeys who have turquoise blue balls. Turquoise, I say!
My megan!
newyork031 newyork033
newyork034 newyork035
Cupcakes from crumbs. I had the caramel apple last time and loved it; this time Megs tried it and was equally enthusiastic. I tried the Butterfinger one and was underwhelmed. And that slightly blurry photo? That's the best cupcake eating face ever!

newyork037 newyork039
On the left: that's my cool new keychain from the museum of sex. On the right: I have no idea what or why that face is. I think he looks sort of like a pug.
newyork040 newyork041
Shake Shack! Megs had never been, so there you go.
I love her braid. Lovely, no?
Megs found a really good deal on tickets to Mary Poppins, so we went to a showing of it Tuesday night. I loved it! Way closer to the books than the movie was, and just ever so fun. For the finale she floats out and over the audience. Fantastic!

That late showing did, however, put us on the 11:52 train out of the city, which put us into Princeton at about 1, which SHOULD have had us home by 5. But thanks to an evil GPS that bypassed rt 1, we ended up driving through Baltimore and getting home at 6:30. AM. Was not good thing. But alls well that ends well, right?
Oh, and did you know there are vending machines for Reese's Cups? I mean, I knew there were, but not like this! AWESOMESAUCE.
Finally, this is our attempt at a self-portrait at a rest stop at two in the morning. Not a huge success, but good times.


what's in your purse?

I love it when other bloggers share what's in their purse, but I'm never organized enough to do it myself. Or remember to. So I happened to empty the contents of my purse this weekend while in nyc and I had a camera handy...here you are.
Clockwise from top left:
1. Gucci eyeglasses. Yes, my glasses are real. I just don't wear them all the time because I don't feel like it.
2. Reaction by Kenneth Cole sunglasses. I'm a fan of the aviators right now.
3. Moleskines. Yes, plural. I usually have at least two in my bag; right now I have the NYC city book and a pocket squared.
4. Spare lens. I usually have the camera in the bag, but it's um, taking the picture. 50mm is on the camera; 18-55 in the bag.
5. Lip stuffs. Two CoverGirl wetslicks, one Outlast Lipstain (my current favorite), and one MAC gloss in Underage.
6. ipod with crappy headphones
7. pens
8. mirrored compact
9. My sister's lip tint


wednesday wonderfulness

Hello lovelies! I don't have a ton of stuff for you this week, but I do have some awesome posting coming later. :D
Ok, I have to edit some photos from the weekend. Enjoy, lovelies!

project 52: on genetics

I've been in New York City since Sunday afternoon, hence the dearth of posting. I'll catch up soon, and I've tons to share. But for now, this week's installment in the self-portrait series.


I've long been aware that I have my grandmother's knees. (I also own one of her vintage dresses, but that's another story for another day.) I also have my dad's eyes, my mom's smile, and my grandmother's personality. But my sense of style? That's all my own.

Rest of the project can be found here.