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roundup of things

screen licking may now commence

house pictures, finally!

warning: may cause coveting

I think my jaw just knocked on my knees

shoes vs. books

tutorial alert!

word on the street is, I'm crazy but trustworthy

paralyzed by all the decisions

in case you care

thrift score

is it possible for bangs to impede one's thinking?

a very bad picture of the new bangs

the cake that makes people SWOOON

another boring post in which I'm rambling about my house

incredibly creative minds

I caved

worth a look

want. to. try.

happy pretty springy things

happy first day of spring!

the loveliness, it is unstoppable

I could easily get addicted to this site

stuff that makes me want to try new things

shoes I'm tempted to buy before the shopping ban kicks in

stretching out of my comfort zone

I promised Alissa that I'd post this photo

attack of the chocolate mint

beautiful blue

today I love

picking paint colors

delighting in the springish weather

dotty delights

pages of cheery loveliness