it's a tshirt and jeans kind of day

But since that would be epically boring, we have to mix it up, you know. Ok, I feel like a wannabe for having bought this shirt, but hello, it was $2! And I didn't have to do any awesome shredding! And I didn't notice that it was a skull pattern until it was pointed out to me. I know: I fail at life.

I'm a little surprised that I'm not wearing any vintage in these shots (although after we took the pictures I added a couple of vintage bangles), and think the outfit probably needs something more. But then, that is a whole lot of shirt.


its a tshirt and jeans kind of day


where I've been

Just when we thought blog postage couldn't get any sketchier, it does. Erg. I'm sorry, dear readers, really I am. But somehow I've been off having a life and working my tush off, instead of my usual just working my butt off mode of operation. I have, however, started a new project, and that's what I wanted to share. You know how I've been ruminating this concept of body image and beauty and expectations and what all this means? Well, I don't have any solutions, but I want to show that people are beautiful. They are. Just because they're people. So I've started taking pictures of them. And posting them here. I have no idea what this project will turn into, if anything, but the process, of getting people to relax for me, should be interesting.

In other news: this week I'm in Ohio for a day, this Saturday I'm in Wilmington, and Sunday I'm in NYC for the night to celebrate le sister-in-law's birthday. WooO!


things I love today

pumpkin candles, cashmere sweaters, ponytails, wasabi peas, running, stealing pajama pants from le husband, flannel sheets, the end of swimsuit season, my moleskine, keeping busy, online scrabble, sleeping late, fedoras, introducing people to Goodwill, salad.


working on conquering the fear of the camera

So last week as I was rummaging through some store, I ran across this amazing dress that was originally $400, marked down to $15. And I fell in love with it because the fabric is amazing. It felt like I was wearing a cloud.

So then I had this amazing dress, and I wanted to wear it for SOMETHING. Normally my response to this is "I'll do a photo shoot!" Well, this is one time when I didn't want to put the dress on someone else; I wanted to wear it myself! Have I mentioned that my husband is an extremely talented photographer? (We shoot weddings together, and all, and he's much more proficient on the technical side than I am.) Well, he's been wanting to do a photo shoot of me, but my extreme camera hatred has kept that from happening, so I decided that this would be the excuse. So last night I fixed my hair, my sister did my makeup, I threw on the dress, and we headed down to one of my current favorite shooting locations.

And may I just say: le husband is a very. good. photographer.

Things we learned from this photoshoot: there is no half smile with me. It's either full-on grin, or serious Blue Steel. Also: I cannot look sexy on command. Every time I try, I just look pained. It's tragic. Also: I'm not allergic to being in front of cameras! Yay!