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things I like today

someone asked me today if I'm bosnian

ruminations, or, how I love new words!

works in progress

stuff I like today

my yarn-buying virginity is now gone

more gift ideas

simply smashing

idea for Thanksgiving table decorations?

vintage umbrella loveliness

Christmas is coming and the goose is getting fat


today I like

so I'm a little bit of a nerd

a little bit prairie?

so apparently I'm obsessed with all food

getting ready for thanksgiving

I've been...

a visual feast

so everyone looked at this outfit and burst out laughing

the art and craft of entertaining

in lieu of whining

today's gorgeousness

can't believe I want

Smith Island Cake

she wore a red headband


inexpensive wall art

even I have boring days

lovely shoes

miss smith, take a message

the joys of irresponsiblibility, part deux

tiny coolness

wonderful mind-expandingness

the joys of being irresponsible

today I love