pulpy novels! woo!

Yes, I bought this one just for the cover. The smoldering gaze, the miles-long legs, the fact that it's a "mystery comedy." Isn't it just fab?

please not literal inspiration

I ran across this awesome book at a thrift store last week and, knowing I had to share some scans, snapped it up.
I love the coy expression and the fact that she appears to be nude. Also: what are her bangs doing on the right-hand side? Could she be modeling...whirls of curls? 

"Hair at crown springs up in great swoops of curls." I think I personally would avoid any hair style that could be described with words like "swooping" or "springing." 

"Curl-burst." Like cloud-burst? Dear, dear me. 

Really, though--click these so you can read the text. Hilarious. 


wednesday wonderfulness

  • Um, want. Maybe doing those instead of reading the fug girls while standing in line would raise my IQ? 
  • this just made me hungry. Also: envious. She color coordinates her candy???
  • in the spring we start thinking about gardeny stuff, right? So here are some ideas for plants that love each other. This is kind of complicated; I may or may not pay attention when I finally get around to planting. 
  • OHMYWORD RAINBOW CAKE. I absolutely must make this in cupcake form. 'Twould be a crime not to. 
  • so here's the problem with having an Eastern European-looking (round) face: I can't wear amazing headbands like hers. Le sigh. 
  • If you haven't heard of Kindred, you must check it out. Amazingly gorgeous wallpapers! (Currently sporting the Fifi Lapin.) 
  • And you've probably already seen this, but holy cow: best-dressed child ever. (Son of the creator of Mad Men, so what do you expect?) 


I have an easter tree!

Well, sort of. The white tree is one of those from Ikea, and I found the little decorations while rummaging through a drawer; I picked them at at an after-Easter sale for a dollar or so. The whole thing makes me smile every time I see it.

::love is::

pancakes with hearts in the middle and blueberries and maple syrup.

And then a movie. (And no, I Love You Man does not disappoint. Legen...wait for it! Dery!)


two ideas

1. So I listen to this podcast very regularly, and very much enjoy it. Especially their classic film marathons. Well, the next one is called "new hollywood" (listed to the upper right of the page) and I'm thinking I need to convince le sisters to watch them with me each week. Thursday nights: classic film, red wine, sisters. Awesome, no? Anyway, wanted to throw that out there in case anyone else wanted to join in. We can all share ideas later! We'll see if I actually follow through on it. 
2. So many people had so much feedback on the "songs we should all know" list, that I have to wonder--anyone want to do a CD swap? There were some incredibly great playlists suggested. Let me know in the comments, and I might try to sort something out. 

Ok, I'm out. Short, I know, but I have an evening planned with le husband that involves the new shoes and the latest Jason Segal movie. (Yes, I'm in love with schlubby guys, as long as they're funny. Can't resist funny.) 



So last night I was talking to the husband and was all "Aren't you proud of me? There were these totally covetable Steve Madden shoes at Rugged today for $17 and I didn't buy ANY." And he was all "Why not?" And I was all "Because I'm trying to not spend money." And he pulled a twenty out of his wallet and was like "Go get yourself a pair."

So I did. And I like.

wednesday wonderfulness, only not

There were interwabs issues yesterday, so no bloggy goodness. But I'll try to make up for it today. 
Ok, am off. Have a few taxes things to wrap up. (Yargh!)


behind the scenes

I thought you all would enjoy this snap that I grabbed while le husband and I were doing an engagement shoot a couple of weekends ago.


songs we all should know

So I need your help. I'm burning a CD for my younger sisters-in-law of the songs that they should at least be familiar with. You know, the ones that are kind of cultural touchstones and you should know some of the words? Those songs. I know that that's a tall order to fit on one CD, but I'm going to try. So this is what I have so far; what do I need to add? 
for those about to rock::ac/dc
under pressure::queen
you give love a bad name::bon jovi
american woman::lenny kravitz
u can't touch this::mc hammer
shook me all night long::ac/dc
ice ice baby::vanilla ice
don't stop believin::journey
we will rock you::queen
i believe in a thing called love::the darkness
a little less conversation::elvis presley
how sweet is is::james taylor
smells like teen spirit::nirvana
where the streets have no name::u2
here i got again::whitesnake

Yes, a lot of hair metal. But they don't know any of that. I know, right???


shoe sales!

Just because I'm on a shopping ban doesn't mean you have to be. Please, someone, take advantage of spring clearance at Steve Madden and let me get a vicarious thrill. Seriously though: all clearance items (read: everything I've posted below) are an ADDITIONAL 30% off. Which I was too lazy to figure into the price I listed below. So they're EVEN CHEAPER. Yes, yes indeed. Go for it.

Possibly cankle-inducing, but also quite cute. I know some people hate the thought of peep-toe booties, but I love the idea of tucking skinnies into these and adding a pop of color. See also: good with kneesocks. Was $109, now $79.
Oh, yummy. I love the chunkiness, the color-blocking, the obvious runway knockoff-ness. Sadly, only available in 5.5. That would be about HALF my foot. Maybe just wear them on my toes? But I love the idea of pairing these with a pencil skirt for a very "fashion forward librarian" look. Was $159, now $49.
Now these are available in my size. And I'm having a very VERY hard time resisting them. The nude color is super-versatile, and wouldn't these be great paired with a vintage dress to give it a modern edge? Was $99, now $49.
If I was still looking for silver shoes, this might be the solution. Slightly vintage but still modern, not terribly high, super-awesome for the dancing. Yes, this might be a good party shoe. On the other hand: might be practical. And that, as we all know, cannot be. Was $99, now $89.

It's a giant gold bow! I love the Louis XIII-ness of these. Was $79, now $39.

Yummy. Frye-esqe boots. For under $100. Takers? Anyone? (Seriously--what can you NOT wear these with?) Was $229, now $99.

I love the idea of wearing mocs instead of the now-ubiquitous ballet flat. I feel a sudden need to acquire these in about 4 colors: yellow, green, hot pink, and blue. Sadly, they're only available in the green. But it's cute, too. Do I hear wide-legged white pants, striped top, hugh sunnies, and these? Was $69, now $39.

Ok, these just make me think of Ambika. Also Anne of Green Gables, apple picking, and shopping at a green market. In no particular order. Was $129, now $39.


in which I may have purchased a ton of yarn

So we have a local yarn store. yay! A girl from my knitting group mentioned that there is a yarn store in Snow Hill, so I drove down today to check it out. Love! I might have come home with a ton of yarn. *facepalm* 
This bulky hot pink yarn was on sale for $4 a skein, so I picked up enough for a sweater. 

This will get turned into a Mother's Day present. Not sure what, though. Maybe this

Sock yarn! Le husband has been requesting socks, so this will be my first attempt.


wednesday wonderfulness

Yes, I'm obsessed. So I'm stopping now. 


::bits of my house::

a single clump of daffys burst into bloom today! 
my yellow teakettle. thrifted, of course. 

work in progress. it's going to be a blanket. 

the hatholding deer. he looks vaguely embarrassed. 

happy monday!

Woooo! It's a breathtakingly gorgeous day here, following an amazing weekend in which it got over 70 (yes, last monday we got six inches of snow) and we started on our garden. Yay! As I write this it's 65 and sunny, and I have the windows open. Life is gorgeous. So I'm going to share a couple of goodies: mxyer and this article. Myxer is a site I'm addicted to; you can use it to create free wallpapers and ringtones for your phone. Remember this picture? Yes, it's currently on my phone, and I love it. The article is incredibly inspiring, and you need to read it now as a way to get your Monday off to an amazing start. Ostensibly about living paycheck to paycheck, in actuality it's about challenging yourself to rethink your standard of living. In a good way, I promise! Just go read it. (I only skimmed it and I'm already charged with inspiration!)
So I have nothing else to say, but I'm going to post my goals for the week and we'll see how they end up. 
  • compost garden; rake out weed clumps
  • finalize planting plan
  • find something to plant in front flower beds
  • visit gma and use her sewing machine to finish m's baby present
  • mail m's baby present
  • mail a's baby present
  • mail package to girls
  • edit j+l's engagement shoot
  • finish designing album for n&j
  • resolve l&t album issues (company's fault)
  • finish taxes (meeting with tax lady today!)
  • make dinner at least three times
  • CLEAN UP ROOM (did I tell you about the fashion show debacle that left the ENTIRE CONTENTS of my closet scattered about my room? yeeeaaaah)
Ok, that should keep me busy enough for now. I'm only working 14 hours this week, so I'm getting lots done. We hope. 


one more photo from the weekend

This one makes me laugh because at first glance it looks like some sort of avant-garde vintage hat. And then you see that it's a pillow and a hedgehog.


the illustrated version

per joy's request. It's set to print at 16x20. source material here

wednesday wonderfulness

the bright-eyed and busy tailed, albeit slightly frozen version! We had a massive (for us) snowstorm on Monday, and got about 4-6 inches. Well, it's supposed to be 59 on Friday. This is why all the people on the Eastern Shore talk funny: we have sinus issues. Anyway, on to the good stuff. 
And now my hands are so cold that I'm making typing mistakes. Toodles!


random critter pictures from the weekend

more strobist practice.
This is Lewis being a lighting model.

The glowing paw of DOOM.

glowing ears
And the glowing ears of AWESOME.

that's the grumpy old man face
What we call his grumpy old man face.

sneaking up to get a picture of his royal cuteness
Trying to sneak up and get pictures of how cute he is.

what she wore at some point last week

strobist practice!
I love Lewis' face.
jcrew sweater: thrifted
skirt: old navy
flats: payless