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you know those days when you don't hit the ground running quite fast enough?

confession: sometimes you watch movies just for the clothes

why I don't dance in public

a cool little dealybob

on knitting lace

two things, quickly

lovely idea

strange things people apparently really do buy on ebay

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perfect outfit for going out with the husband

Brilliant things

Thursday, June 22

steal a deal


two books and a meme

an invaluable resource

proof that orange isn't an entirely hideous color

looks that I currently like and my husband barely tolerates


Homage to Jane Austen

what I wore Wednesday, June 14

every girl needs her own Uzi

good things

potato salad with horseradish

what I wore Sunday, June 11

a shamefaced confession

treasures from the weekend

wondrous treasures

my linkshake brings all the boys to the yard