starting monday off right

Wow. I can't believe it's been two weeks since I've posted anything for you all, and I'm sorry, I really am. Life has just been full in a crazyawesomegoodinsane way, and the blog, well, it's not high on the list of priorities. I'm so sorry. So I'll give you a stack of random webby goodness, and maybe share more of my recent projects later in the week when I get more time? 
In a quick roundup of the craziness that is life: I've started running again, we had another bake sale for breast cancer, I'm still behind on business-related stuff, Pumpkin Spice comes back to Starbucks this week, I've bought two pairs of shoes in the past week (I know!), and there should be much more to share within the next couple of days....if I get time. 


on my ipod

So I listen to several different podcasts; this is the only thing that makes housework remotely bearable. Load up several episodes and suddenly dishwashing isn't nearly so dull. So I'll share my favorites; tell me yours? 
The Moth. I love this one; it's people telling their own stories. Simply brilliant. 
CraftLit. I've suggested this before, and I'll continue to flog it, because it's so lovely. Heather is an English teacher with a lovely voice, so listening to her discuss the cultural background of classics is simply brilliant. 
The Splendid Table. Warning: this will make you hungry. 
Mark Kermode & Simon Mayo's Film Reviews. Dry english humor plus film reviews, what's not to love! And SOMETIMES Stephen Fry appears. I'm in lurrrrve. 
The Restaurant Guys. Two guys from New Jersey who own a restaurant and talk about food-service issues. Love it. 
Filmspotting. More serious film-y stuff that can make you sound all educated. Or they'll get you watching more good films. 
There's my list. What are your suggestions? 


wednesday wonderfulness

Wow, this week has rolled around quickly. We have family in town this week, so I took yesterday off working to hang out at the beach, and currently the back of me is burnt to a crisp. Well, mostly the backs of my legs. Anyway, here's a quick look at what I love this week. 
  • a beautifully written look at the memories that get tied into our clothes. (Am I the only one who can tell you exactly what was worn at significant moments in life?)
  • language of the fan! My wedding this weekend involved fans, and the bridesmaids had great fun posing with them. I wish I could have shared this helpful info! All I can say is: pity the poor dyslexic who tries to decipher things. 
  • an amazing spread on Michael Jackson's influence on fashion. I'm kind of digging the androgynous look right now, but I'm not quite thin enough to pull if off. So I'll revel in these spreads instead. 
  • also via nubby: an incredible blog. I lovelovelove her images. So lovely. 
  • ohmygoodness: best. flower tutorial. ever. I now know what I'm making everyone for Christmas! (via elegant musings) 
  • and because my life is not complete now without an inspiring zooey image (yes, I'm trying to steal her look), you must watch this video. I WANT HER DRESS! (also: amazing light)
  • In other news, we're currently completely massively obsessed with 3oh!3 over here (I know, I have crap taste in music) and it really is fabulous workout/running music.  


my life list

If you know me in person you've probably already had to do this. Right now, name five things that you want to do before you die. And "have a good job" can't be one of them. They can be silly, serious. unrealistic, simple, deep, whatever. They just have to be five things. I don't know what started me on this, but I have, and I've been dismayed by the number of people who think of two things and then come to a screeching halt. Two things???? Only two things? THAT'S ALL YOU WANT TO DO BEFORE YOU DIE? 
So call this a bucket list, a life list, whatever. The point is to dream, dream wildly, and be unashamed. 

Life List:
- skydive
- hang glide
- scuba
- visit every continent
- have a photo published in a nationally distributed magazine (done! JPG magazine. Which has since gone out of print. Ah, well.)
- own a triumph tr6
- eat birdsnest soup
- love my laugh
- skinny dip (done!)
- go streaking
- learn to salsa
- learn to play the drums
- write and record a song
- camp in the grand canyon
- drive on the autobahn
- drive a ferrari
- own a vintage boutique
- eat at the French Laundry
- eat at Momofuku (done! It was delicious.)
- jump off a bridge
- own a pair of louboutins
- attend Fashion Week
- attend an olympic event
- visit every state
- ride the eurorail
- learn to do a handstand
- learn to throw a football
- adopt internationally
- drive coast to coast
- write a book
- sing karaoke (done! 9/26/09)
- own an english bulldog
- learn to speak italian
- visit southern italy and eat for a week
- visit new orleans and eat for a week
- learn to surf
- solve a rubiks cube
- get a tattoo (done!)
- ride an elephant
- attend the opera
- sing the national anthem at a sporting event
- eat mouse (done!)
- pet a wombat
- own a motorcycle (done! Well, my husband does.)
- get a piercing (done!)
- go blond again
- see u2 in concert
- sleep in a castle
- learn to paint
- learn to surf
- have a flat stomach
- be part of a revolution
- wear size six jeans (done! Right before I got pregnant.)
- learn to play poker
- start an internet meme
- challenge someone to be a better person
- watch a sunrise over the pacific
- pull an all-nighter in New York City
- visit every continent (three down! four to go!)
- read every book I own
- knit a sweater (done!)
- make a quilt (done!)
- have decent enough legs to wear daisy dukes in public. (I know, right???)
- see the northern lights
- memorize a shakespearean play
- eat snails (done!)
- own an original piece of art
- use a potters wheel

I'm still adding to mine. Dream, people. Just dream.


wednesday wonderfulness, on time for once!

This is sort of a scattered bunch.
In other news, life is, as always, action packed around here. I've been trying to take advantage of the fact that I live within half an hour of the beach, we've two weddings booked already for 2010, I'm curbing my shoe-buying habit, and life is too short to live with regret.