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could it be obsession?

random thoughts

I have found it!

things I like despite my sniffly nose

not important, really

just in time to write thankyou notes

that touch of pink

almost back, but not quite

not exactly skinny jeans

revenge of the wide-legged pants

photos that I think are lovely

menu for Christmas Eve

things I'm looking at today

no excuse, none whatsoever

she's a linkagefreak! linkagefreak!

she's a knitting freak! knitting freak!

currently addicted to:

what she wore on Saturday, to the great commentations of her coworkers

how to cover icky har, a guest appearance

little bits of things

why I haven't been around much lately

somehow I've been wearing a lot of red


on my list to tackle in 2007

just jumped onto the "must try this" list

sugar and spice and everything nice

never too much

inspiring me

war against the machine

jorge learns to knit!


more wrapping paper

today I love

rescuing scary Christmas tins::tutorial