christmas pictures

The trees were on clearance last year at Walmart after Christmas; they were red distressed wood. So I painted them white and draped them in glitter. The stockings are kneesocks from target that I trimmed to match various personalities, and they were ovely and knobbly once filled.

This one is for a sister-in-law, and has yet to be presented.
gifts in progress

Christmas morning, the husband made us breakfast, and used his mom's recipe for cinnamon rolls. They were delicious.

Dig is kind of like Scrabble on crack, and it's the only thing we have the attention span for.

Mmmm, delicious sushi. Looks like this roll had scallops.

My dad's birthday is Christmas day, so every year I bake him his favorite: German Chocolate Cake. I'm rather good at it by now.
happy birthday, dad!


quite possibly the best Christmas ever

I need to post pictures, I know. But seriously, this had to be one of the best, most refreshing Christmases I can remember. We didn't go anywhere or do anything particular, instead opting to move a piano, make sushi for dinner, and play scrabble. My husband cooked us all breakfast, we had lovely stockings full of goodness, and generally enjoyed being together. My sister's version is much more interesting, but the point was: it wasn't stressful at all, and that's very nice.

I hope yours was just as lovely.


bits and bobs

Today I borrowed the children of a friend so I could practice with little ones. Wow am I rusty. Out of the 24 pictures I'm giving to the mum, these are the only two that I really like. I see lots of practice ahead.

In other news, check out the cover story from this month's flower magazine. The amazingly classy work you see is done by an online friend/irl acquaintance of mine, and I am seriously wowed by her skills. Read and be impressed.

Continuing with the discussion of feet (but not mentioning shoes!), check out these two posts containing tons of adorable baby feet pictures. Talk about inspiration!

We'er having a caroling party Friday night, so my life is full of planning for that and finishing up Christmas prep. I really need to take pictures of my awesome stockings (they look like boa constrictors after a meal!) and the garland on our poor, unwatered tree. Maybe tomorrow, when there is light.

Miss you all--life is insane.


excuses to buy the perfect boots

I've been coveting a pair of low, black, motorcycle-esqe boots ever since I saw a picture of someone wearing a pair with skinny black pants, a long, loose tunic top, and huge sunglasses. Well, I've found the perfect pair, and of COURSE they're from Frye and cost almost $200. But in the interest of convincing myself of just how versatile they are, I decided to put together a couple of outfits. I was going to go online, download pictures, and put together collages in photoshop, but instead I decided to try out this polyvore thing I've been hearing about. Oh. My. Word. Can you say adddictive? It's like playing dressup in the worlds largest department store but without the horrid lighting and unflattering mirrors. Completely fun. So anyway, here are my outfits. Who wants to suggest one for me, or tell me why these boots are the WORST IDEA EVER?

City Chic

Skinny pants, slouchy hat, loose dress, cushy fabrics, shades of gray with a punch of color in the gloves, and it all says "I'm too cool to care." Except for the fabulously feminine vintage peacock earrings. They rock.

Lots of black, bright colored petticoat, super-feminine dress, cardigan wrapped around, ribbon tied over top, and pinned with the brooch, perfect pearls, silly sunglasses, and butt-kicking boots. Perfection.


quick pick to tuck under the tree

I found "Occasions" by Kate Spade at the library last night, and I'm in love. Whimsical, practical, and illustrated with charming watercolors, it has a joyous verve that makes you wish to be her houseguest or at least her friend. I'm sure the rest are just as good.


for all those project runway addicts

If you don't get Bravo and are devastated (as I am) that you can't get it off iTunes, check out this YouTube poster. So far they have all this season's epps. Yay!


things I love today

I started to make this post last night, but I wasn't feeling well, so I went to lay down. 13 hours later I woke up in time to go to work again. So here I am. Today I love:
- these photos
- these gift ideas
- this list of "what to wear when you're sick"
- this outfit (from the Sartorialist, of course)
That's all for now. I think I'm going to go do a little Christmas shopping. Yay!


bad blogger; no cookie!

I terribly sorry my posting has been so non-existent of late. I make no promises to reform, unfortunately. My creativity bucket is running on "low" right now. Although I DO have some good Christmassy ideas; I just can't post them here because le sisters read le blog, and one must have suprises at Christmas! (We struggle with that whole "suprise" thing--we're always telling each other ahead of time and then having to go get another gift.) So here are some random bits of goodness that I currently love.
Ok, enough for now. Need to go scrub the bathroom.


christmas present ideas

So this year on my side of the family, we're not doing presents; we're just doing stockings. We're all ridiculously excited about this, I must admit. But that's neither here nor there. Here are some of the ideas I've had lately.
  • If you check out the dollar spot at Target, they currently have those fun metal "mindbender" puzzles where you have to figure out how to separate the interlocking pieces. I picked some up today, figuring they would work well as an amusement on Christmas afternoon.
  • Photo Posters. I uploaded a couple of images to the Wal-mart website and I had my posters back within a week (!). The color looks fabulous, too. Definitely a relatively inexpensive choice.
That's all I have so far--I'm not terribly close to done with the shopping.


plans for the weekend, sort of

Le husband is gone this weekend, hunting with his dad and brothers. So I'm having a girly weekend with le sisters, and planning on enjoying every minute. We kicked it off last night with viewing We Are Marshall. Movie featuring Matthew McConahey = total eyecandy, right? Um, not so much. Now we know why MM does not do serious movies: it just doesn't work. We spent the whole movie asking questions like: Why is he walking like a hunchback? Why is he talking out of the side of his mouth? Why is he waving his arms around like that?
That reminds me: we saw Dan in Real Life last weekend, and it was lovely. I'm currently compltely obsessed with the song that plays during the bar scene: Nasty Girl by Inaya Day. I'm trying not to listen to closely to the words, but the beat is fabulous.
Oh! The whole reason I started typing in the first place: five steps to becoming a better networker. Good stuff, and we all have to network sometimes, to it's good to have this sort of thing handy.
Ok, I'm off.


excuses, excuses

So lately I've been trying to get my new site up and running, with the result of not doing much blogging, reading, magazine flipping, or anything not site-related. Now that it's up, hopefully I'll be back to slightly more normal posting efforts. (Side note: I seriously think this whole paragraph was just an excuse to show off the site; I'm NOT a codegeek at all, and so I'm ridiculously proud of myself for putting that thing together. Not the least because I figured out how to get it all up on a server. Yes, I know it's simple for some of you. Not me.)

Anyway, here is a bunch of stuff gleaned from my very neglected feedreader that I enjoyed muchly, and decided to pass on to you.


the devil wore *almost* prada

the devil wore *almost* prada
So I don't own any actual prada, and I had to wear this to work, so if I DID have some, it probably wouldn't be getting splattered with coffee and whipped cream. I compromised with lots of black.
Please excuse the picture; I look strangely grumpy. (I'm not really--I just don't like the fact that cool weather has finally arrived.)
vintage dress: thrifted
belt: borrowed from sister (she got it at Target)
boots: aldo
horns: target
I did not wear the tail that came with the horns; it looked like a large, red-sequined, sparkling...male member. No way was that hanging off my bum all day!


the glove obsession

I'm loving gloves right now: the long, dramatic, peel-them-off-your-fingers kind. This is what they looked like at the fall Narcisco Rodriguez show:

Lovely, no? I can only imagine the price on a pair of those. And I've been seeing lovely pairs for not so lovely prices, so I've gone looking for other options.

These are only $145 at Nordstroms, and that's not a bad price. However, I think what I'm going to do is knit myself a pair of these:

In gorgeous golden cashmere yarn, won't they be delectable?
From the Winter 2007 issue of Knit.1.

on my list of things to knit

Cozy, sleek sweaters.

I want to do the one on the right a cushy, brilliant jewel tone. Wouldn't it be completely eighties fab??? Both from the Winter 2007 issue of Knit.1.

why we love blueprint magazine

Because they have lovely wrapping ideas like this:

And they give us free printable wrapping paper like this, besides generally featuring gorgeous photography and a fantasy world that most wouldn't mind living in. (This is the magazine that I most want to subscribe to once we stop moving and have a permanent address.)


back with shoes

because after an absence of some weeks, of course you need some shoes to drool over! We were at the mall tonight, so I tried on three different pairs of shoes in hopes my husband would get the hint and buy some (or all) of them as my anniversary present.

This look better in person than they do in the picture. I love the red heel! But the ankle strap isn't the most flattering.

These. Are. Awesome. Completely and totally flattering. They run large, though--the nine fit me (and I usually wear a 9 1/2 or ten).

I couldn't find a picture of the other pair. In other news, for halloween tomorrow I'm dressing as a Devil that wears Prada. You?


where I've been

taking and editing lots and lots of photos. We had a funeral in Ohio last Tuesday, a wedding in Williamsburg on Friday, a bridal photoshoot on Sunday evening, and are living in a house that's in the process of being remodeled. So I really have no internet access-I have to poach off the neighbor's wireless, but only when le husband is home and I can borrow his computer. On the bright side, I get LOTS of work done without the distraction of facebook/message boards/RSS feeds.

So here are a couple of pictures from the above-mentioned projects. You can go to my Flickr to see the rest.

This is from the bridal shoot--we redid their wedding photos. Aren't they an adorable couple?
enchanted forest

This is from the wedding. Isn't her dress perfect?
special delivery

This picture is a couple of weeks old, but I just finished editing this batch and have new favorites that I had to share. Nice, eh?
wet tshirt


a remix challenge!

We made a flying visit to ohio yesterday for the funeral of my husband's grandfather. It went well; all of his kids and grandkids were there, so that was special. I'm a little tired, though; we drove a total of 16 hours in order to spend 19 there. (I tried to skip sleeping so I wouldn't waste any time, but that didn't work so well.)
So posting is going to continue being sporadic until we get the computer and internet connection moved to the new house, but in the meantime, here's a wardrobe challenge to keep you busy.


the birthday project is heading to ohio tomorrow!


The pictures aren't super-fab, but basicially everything I'm wearing was thrifted. I didn't mod everything--just the sweater and the skirt--but I think she'll have a blast playing around with the random pieces.

more shoe envy

I went shoe shopping with the sister today, and although I didn't buy anything I DID try on another pair of high-heeled oxfords. Sadly, my suspicions were confirmed--anything cut that high on the foot will give me cankles. So maybe something like this will work instead? Nine West also had a gorgeous pair of grey suede pumps with grey patent heels that were incredibly amazing. Fortunately for you all, I couldn't find a picture online anywhere.


bad blogger; no cookie

So, um, I've been rather absent. I don't see that changing any time soon; we're moving again, into a house with my sister, which needs lots of work. So there's not tons of time for stuff like my lovely blog, sadly. I'm currently working on le sister-in-law's birthday present, which is traveling out to her on Friday, and I'll post pictures of it. 'Tis lovely.
In the meantime, here are some projects that are enticing me. (These links have come from all over, so I'm not sure who to credit on each of them.)
making gift tins out of altoid containers
a super-fast knitted chunky hat
suprisingly lovely plastic flowers
a lovely, graceful tote bag pattern. I need to make one of these so I can put away my summer bag.
awesome dress made from a giant men's sweatshirt


add it to the list

if the movie Atonement is anything like the trailer, I'll want to frame the whole entire thing and hang it on the wall. And I don't even like Keira Knightley. (I love Romola Garai, though.)


recent projects

I have a friend in town this week, so I'm not blogging too much, but I've also been doing photoshoots.
This is from last weeks:

And this is from Sunday afternoon:
not dead, but looks it

I had my first art show last night (it wasn't just me) and although I didn't sell anything, that wasn't the point: I talked to a lot of people and gave away a lot of business cards. So it's all good.


fun thing

enter a contest to design your own shoe! It's judged by professor jimmy choo.

we went thrifting

And got lots of good stuff.

Lovely shoes:
new shoes!

a sparkly vest:
sparkles are nice

And other lovely things, including a high-waisted pencil skirt. Finally! (I've been looking for one for months.) My shopping-hating sister went with me, and she also found some super-adorable pieces, including a couple of shorter skirts that look fantastic on her. We were going to have a photoshoot so you could all be envious of our good fortune, but, alas, I'm supposed to be working on my projects for the art show Monday night, so I had to attack that instead. Maybe later.


plaid is rad and makes me glad

plaid is rad and makes me glad

shirt, skirt, & belt: thrifted
hat: vintage store
shoes: sent by friend
hose: given by different friend
earrings: target

I finally got a cape!

i got a cape!
I paid entirely too much for it, but on the bright side, it DID come with a matching skirt and vest. (Don't worry, I won't wear them all at the same time.)


sneak peek of today's project

I've had this photo shoot in my head for some time, and we finally got to do it tonight. There are tons more for me to sort through, but this is a good preview. The second image was taken by le husband; he's getting veryvery good, no?



marc by marc jacobs

Ruffles! I love the idea of covering a dress in tiny ruffles.

Want. These. Pants.

Oops. This was part of the other collection. I'm liking the giant flowers.

Pattern mixing = yay! Also loving: mitered stripes on cardis.

Yummy vestiness.

I suddenly feel the need to make a plaid trench coat.


inspiration from Marc Jacobs

I know the sporty thing can be overdone, but I love the contrast between the luxe fabric and the athletic numbers.

How easy would it be to add a pop of color to any outfit with a draped bit of fabric like this?

Yum. I want to try this with a tshirt dress. (Or I would if I had the abs to wear it.)

I'm not sure what the back of this top looks like, but I love the idea of deconstructing Vineyard Vines and the like. This prim sweater looks infinitely better, and the gloves are AWESOME.

the loveliness that is Rodarte

Doesn't she look like a water maiden? I've been wanting to experiment with vertical ruffles like this; this might be the impetus I need.

I'm liking the contrast of fabrics here, and wonder if one could take it even farther: maybe a sleek, drapey knit under a crisp duck cloth jacket?

Loving the shape; isn't the full skirt fabulous?