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um, I think I have a new favorite website

new shoes and finished objects

little bits of things

the snow, it falls down

definitely too pretty to use for anything as mundane as food

glamour on a budget

happy birthday el bloggy!

inspiration from couture

might be worth watching for the clothes?

a peek into my world

word in progress Friday

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things she covets today

come gaze with me, and be inspired

things I think are cool

swappy goodness

snow day

who needs cable when you have cable internet?

the black/white/yellow obsession continues

stranger than fiction

a spot of color on a winters day

you make me wanna link-link!

a lovely read

the new yellow coat makes its debut

design for the masses

a great place for inspiration

what she wore on Wednesday

posts that inspired me today

the latest batch of thrifty goodness

if this picture is any guide, I've been eating too many lemons

looking strangely christmassy

ignoring the readers since 1981


you knew that at SOME point I actually had to make a post, right?

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