things I covet today

I wanted to post pictures, but I'm on my evil work computer and don't feel like figuring out how to edit in horrid Microsoft Photo Editor. So it will have to be a list instead.
  • superhelpful book. I picked this one up from the library, and I've added it to my wish list. besides the very cool photos (which were a good balance of vintage without being shabby chic/country but not all danish modern either), it had directions for projects. And my favorite? Was a net throw with leather flower shapes stitched onto it. Sounds weird, I know, but the effect was breathtaking. I want to try it with gray wool felt shapes instead...and I want to try making the same concept into curtains....ok, so it's a very inspiring book.
  • moth pin. Wouldn't this be cool on the lapel of a tweed blazer? Or pinned to a velvet ribbon and tied around your throat?
  • lovely cards. Expensive, but oh-so-pretty. I admit, I'm a sucker for silouhettes. And if said silouettes have a art deco feel? I'm a goner. Frame a few of these and hang them in a powder room, or maybe in a girls room for a timeless but still feminine decoration.
  • cool shirt. Way less studied than anything from Threadless. I love the organic feel of this, and how it almost seems like the pattern just happened when the shirt fell into a pail of bleach.


lovely pictures

I recently ran across MO Plants: an online resource for copyright-free botanical illustrations. It sounds boring, but if you're anything like me, flipping through old pictures is rather inspiring and gives all sorts of brilliant ideas. The image on the left was found using one of her resources; check it out.


worth trying?

I don't know about you, but I love having a mug of hot coffee to sip as I sit at my desk. No matter how much I plan to cut back on caffiene, just having that coffee smell swirling around makes me feel better. Unfortunately, the Maxwell House we brew here at work leaves MUCH to be desired. Enter...java juice extract? This product, contained in packets about the size of a Taco Bell Fire Sauce, contains pure coffee extract made from 100% premium, organic coffee beans and triple-filtered water. Hey, I'm willing to give it a shot! (No pun intended.)


more than you wanted to know

I think I've found my next hair color. Le sisters don't approve, they think I should stay dark. But even with that I'm wondering, this or this? Because there are various versions of dark, you know. Oh, and the reason I've used all pictures of Drew Barrymore is because I've fended off comparisons to her all my life, and her coloring is rather similar to mine (as is her facial shape). The sad thing is, people always say I look like her after watching "Ever After," not "Lucky Strike" (the former was NOT her best look). Oh, well. At least it's not after seeing "Riding in Cars with Boys."


the shorter hair

Oh, it has red highlights in it, too. But those are hard to see in this light.
the new and shortened hair


continuing with the theme of developing creativity

Stretch daily. One person's effort to daily push themselves.


I want a zebra rug of my veryvery own. And a robin's egg blue room to put it in, and a chocolate brown sofa to go on top of it. And then I shall have lovely parties with beautiful, charming people where we toss about bon mots and laugh with a delicate, tinkling sound. I'll have luxuriant hair and my husband will be devastatingly handsome, all on the strength of this one rug.
Well, one can dream.
From West Elm, $229 for the 5x8


I wore this last Thursday, I think

making my summer clothes last into the fall What can I say? I haven't been home much. (And even now I'm wasting time BLOGGING when I should be editing photos.) Everytime I wear this dress I get compliments; consequently I want its wearing season to last as long as possible. (I'm also trying to delay getting out the winter clothes just as long as I can, because, as much as I want to see them, I KNOW I'll be tired of them before it's time to put them away.)
vintage orange beaded dress: thrifted
black longsleeve tee: Gap
black tights: walmart?
black ballet flats: department store (now Macy's)
The ballerina-esqe pose makes my skirt look rather shorter than it really is.

the ultimate in crafting redux

A stop-motion kitten making a stop-motion film about a kitten. But so very, very cute!

Two, three, four, and five here. via my little mochi


thrifting loveliness so far

We hit the Goodwill yesterday, the three of us. Besides the hilariousness that ensued when we were accosted by a crazy lady that insisted on hiking up her skirt to show us her gangreneous, soon-to-be-amputed leg (trust me, we didn't ask), we scored all sorts of good deals. Jjoyful found lots of pieces (she needed the most), including a black Limited wrap dress with tags still attached. Porkchop got, among other things, a Moschino sweater and an Ann Taylor tweed shift, and I got a shirt for le husband and a GORGEOUS camelhair coat. So happy! I'd like to make a public statement here: this was, I think, the first time in my personal history that I walked out of a thrift store having spent the least of my group. Ah, restraint!


another batch of Friday links

I'm headed out to visit le sisters this weekend--hooray! So don't expect much posting until Tuesday (if then, considering my current track record). We plan to indulge in much thrifting and vintage shopping, so hopefully we will have good things to report. Until then, enjoy the latest finds.

  • thriftdeluxe: even the title makes me happy. Off the top of my head, I want to try the guitar pick earrings, the word belt, and the stenciled skirts. Much funness.
  • Continuing on the whole "challenging one's creativity" them, designers create visual representations of a word. Fascinating reading. Some of my favorites: regret, tease, and quick.
  • Love. This. Little people visiting London. I just had to scroll through and look at all of them. And then I went paddling about on Flickr (because if it's out there, it's on Flickr), and found the tiny people pool and absolutely enchanting toy dioramarama.
  • Oh, this is a bit of a side note, but ran across this site that offers consumer reviews of hair straighteners. Yes, it's a bit of a niche market, but if you're in the market, you definitely care. I'm no longer coveting a CHI, now I want a Sedu.

Ok, have a lovely weekend, people! Make sure you soak up some of this fast-fading sun, drink hot apple cider, and score some lovely treasures.

currently fascinating me

The process of creativity. I'm still reading Twyla Tharp's book on the subject, and it's quite engrossing. She talks a lot about "scratching," which is the process whereby one generates new ideas. (Side note: I'm not sure why I so obsessed with creativity right now; for sure it's not because I'm in a creative field. I think, however, that I want to be.)
So when I saw an article in a back issue of How on "strategies to build creativity" I was intrigued. Most of the activities were graphic design-oriented, but a few were worth repeating, just as exercises to get your brain sparking in whatever endeavor you're currently working.
  • In five minutes, come up with 10 unconventional ways to use a stapler, besides stapling.
  • Using only 4 straight lines and a circle, create a pictogram for each of these six words: pressure, delirious, lucky, suspense, dangerous, and joyful.
  • Create three new taglines for each of these products that are used nearly every day by everyone: air, water, and pants.
  • Name 20 things that kids do better than adults. Then pick one and do it.


day one of the great olive oil experiment

Inspired by this post over at Bunnyshop, and also by hearing from numerous people that olive oil is veryvery good for the skin, and despite by a rather traumatic experience involving attempts to get my sister's back to clear up before the one and only prom she attended I decided to be brave and try it. So last night I washed off my makeup as usual, but applied olive oil instead of moisturizer. From here on out I'm avoiding any kind of cleanser, and will use solely extra virgin olive oil. I'm going to try this for at least a month, which means that on Thursday, October 12 I'll post before/after photos.


at the end of the day she's another year older

at the end of the day she's another day older Le husband has been mocking my boots all day, claiming they're cowboy-esqe. I think not! I'm actually loving the lower heel and general stompiness they provide.
long-sleeved black tee: gap
brown vest: thrifted
vintage plaid skirt: thrifted
brown tights: thrifted (don't worry! they were still in the package)
tan boots: ebay

just lovely

Bartholdi's Statue of Liberty, availble from the Library of Congress. I love the perspective and the muted but still vibrant colors. And at $46 for a 16x20 print, it's not a bad way to cover your walls.


it's Friday and my brain is mush

But on the bright side, fashion week starts today! Hooray! Do not, however, mistake me for one of those terrifically organized bloggers who daily post about their favorites from the collections shown that day. Hah. Such dedication. I still haven't gotten around to sharing my favorites from the fall collections. So. In lieu of fashion loveliness or even coherent thought, have some links.

Ok, that's enough. Hopefully Monday will bring some edited photos from the past two shoots. Oh, and if you haven't seen the shots from the last one, you can see them here.


at the moment

Right now I'm all about tiny lovely things, evocative photograhy, cool macro-ness, and the the soundtrack to Elf. It helps with the Christmas preparations, you know. I also went Ebay shopping today and scored a month's worth of tights and kneesocks. Hooray!


the elves are afoot

It's only 111 days until Christmas, and I'm neckdeep in preparations. There are numerous projects clamoring for my attention, but right now I'm focusing on my knitting. Unfortunately, I seem to be ripping out more than I knit.
You see, I owe my nephew a pair of mittens. Last christmas I made him a hat, and meant to make the mittens but didn't get time to even start them. So I stuck a note inside the hat telling him that mittens were forthcoming. There were two problems: 1) the hat barely fit him (I followed a pattern, I promise!) and 2) I never quite got around to making the mittens. I hoped he forgot about it, but no such luck. Last time I saw him, in June, he made mysterious motions miming the pulling on of a pair of mittens. So, yeah. I'm just going to make a whole new hat/mitten set. This year I have a blue wool that I like, and I was going to do a cream stripe at the bottom. I started it about three times, and just could not get the right number of stitches on the needles I wanted to use (this is my first time trying bamboo needles). So that was three rip outs.
Then, last night, I had the brilliant idea of doubling up the yarn to increase it's bulk. Lovely idea, and I had a bit of lovely heathery wool that would look perfect with both the blue and cream. So I cast on and started knitting. About 20 rounds into the project I decided that no, this hat really IS too big; it's going to fit my (very large-headed) husband instead. Ripped it out. Now I knew EXACTLY how many stiches I wanted on those blasted needles. So I cast on, knit merrily away...and glanced down. Entranced by the DVD we were watching (Match Point), I had forgotten to cast on a whole needle's worth of stitches. So now I was 20 stitches short.
At that point I ripped it up one last time, then decided that instead of casting on again, I would just leave it and instead work on ripping out a piece of mohair fluff that was too big. Mental note: don't make mistakes on mohair. It's the PITS to rip out.


More than 400 different airline stewardess uniforms--very addictive.


what she wore on Sunday

what she wore on sunday I chopped my head off in this photo because I had just finished a PMS-fueled meltdown and there were mascara streaks all over my face. So. Not. Cool. Anyway, this outfit felt a little odd to me, because the hoodie is *not* something I would normally wear--too much like something from Aeropostale (otherwise known as The Evil Cesspool of Skittle Vomit). So I tried to tone down it's teeny-bopper-ness with a vintage skirt and funky shoes.
pink hooded sweater: thrifted
white tee shirt: Charlotte Russe
navy polka-dot vintage skirt: thrifted
pink shoes: flipfloptrunkshow.com (A couple of seasons ago.)
navy and white bangles (unseen): Ebay


the closest we come to art: one hat, interpreted three different ways

with my sisters-in-law, sort of playing dressup (but we went to the fair like this)
We all three thrifted these matching hats, so we had to build outfits around them when we went to the fair. Everything except for the brown converse and khaki pants came from my closet. (These are my sisters-in-law, btw.) Oh, and click on the picture for complete outfit information. It took up too much space to type it out here.


lovely links for Friday

Things to make:
  • A fluffy corsagey thing. Very fun.
  • stenciled tshirts. I think a variation of this might be given as christmas gifts to someone who shall remain nameless.
  • hardbound journals. I think I'm going to experiment with one--there's this certain look I want for my photo presentation albums that I'm just not finding for sale.
Things to read: