brain dump

I just realized last night that I've accumulated quite a pile of links that make me say "hmm. interesting." So instead of waiting for Wednesday (when I most definitely will not have time to blog) I'm throwing them at you now. Have fun sorting through it all!


confession of an increasingly pregnant lady

Today is exactly 4 months until my due date. And I have a confession to make: the cute outfit on the left? Yes, that's what I wear all day at work. But on the right? It takes me approximately 4.3 seconds to change when I get home every night. Fun fact: the other night le hubs and I celebrated our anniversary, and I was changing and said, "I'm just trying to find something comfortable." Hubs started laughing. "For the first time in your life, I believe you."
Cute outfit: dress, target. Sweater, jcrew, shoes, DSW. comfy outfit: tank, gap, lounge pants, target.


on a happier note

I don't listen to much "Christian music" just because I feel like a lot of it sounds exactly the same. But I am currently completely obsessed with this song: the chorus is amazing.


things no one prepared me for about being pregnant

I have lots of friends who have kids, I have an older sister who has kids, I have plenty of people I can ask questions. But there are some things I never *thought* to ask, and things I knew with my head that, in practice, still surprise me. (Look away if you're disturbing by reading about slightly disturbing things.)
  • The boobs. They are huge. This is so bizarre.
  • Pregnant women don't wear maternity pants because they are too big for normal clothes: it's because regular pants HURT LIKE THE DICKENS.
  • Along the same lines: whoever said Braxton Hicks are painless LIED. It's like all the menstrual cramps you haven't had for five months are catching up. And I know real contractions are much MUCH worse. Why do I think I can do a natural birth? I'm crazy.
  • The tiredness of the first trimester, while ridiculous, does go away. But I still get tired much faster than I used to. Makes me glad my wedding season was short this year...
  • Heartburn is WEIRD. I'd never had it before in my entire life, so I wasn't even sure what I was feeling.
  • On a happier note: little baby kicks are pretty awesome. I think they feel like bubbles bursting in my tummy.
That's it. Be warned, girls.


preggo outfit again!

I promise you: I actually am wearing cute outfits pretty much every day, but by the time I get home a night it's either too dark to take a picture, or I'm so tired there's no way I'm going to try to look presentable. So here you go: my tummy at 21.5 weeks.
The dress is vintage, and it's a heavy wool knit, so it's stretchy. Love! And then just normal tights, shoes, and the skinny belt is on loan by my sister for the duration. I love how it actually makes my outfit look finished instead of random pieces thrown together. Also, please note that from the front I still just look like a fat girl. HOW IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE.


what I wore, the baby bump chronicles

You can't tell from this outfit, but I really have a visible bump at this point. in fact, the sprout is having a growth spurt and so my abdominal muscles have be stretching and hurting like the dickens! I have totally become one of those women who rubs her tummy--it makes it feel better, k?
So I've referenced life getting crazy a few times: I've started another job. For 20 hours a week I'm doing layout and design for the local newspaper. (Yes, this is in addition to 30 hours a week at Starbucks and doing photography. But no worries! Wedding season is over!) This has been my first week, and so far? LOVING it. I'm kind of a massive fan of mucking about in Quark. Anyway, all that to explain why just as my wardrobe options are shrinking I need more cute outfits than ever before. Where before I could live with about two pairs of work pants, now I'm needing business casual stuff every day. (Well, 4 days a week.) Sisters to the rescue! They have ransacked their wardrobes for all things loose, flowy, and stretchy.
I had my first wardrobe crisis today, though. Had on a completely adorable outfit involving my stretchiest skinny jeans that I'd extended using the rubber band trick, a long tunic top, and a blazer, and after 15 minutes I was in so much pain it felt like I was making up for all the period cramps I've missed the past five months. So I switched to this look: there's nothing pulling across my tummy.
navy dress: target
yellow sweater: marshall's
boots: jcrew
Nothing I'm wearing is actually maternity. I'm taking all the advantage of that I can!

Sorry the image is so dark! It was taken at the end of a very long day.


to do

Going to be in New York City with le husband for two and a half days next weekend! It's an early celebration of our anniversary/visit to PhotoPlus. (I go every year, and this year I'm dragging him along.) The last time we went to the city together it was March, so it was kind of chilly, but late October is one of my favorite times to visit: cool enough to be comfy, but still warm enough to walk a LOT. Anyway, I'm excited about sharing some of my new favorite places that I've gathered since our last visit together. So far my list includes:
There's also a new indian place to check out, and I want to find a fantastic little bakery not too far from our hotel (we're staying in SoHo). Mainly I plan to enjoy this little trip of just us together before I get too big and uncomfortable to travel easily. Anything that you think we should do/see/eat together?


wednesday wonderfulness, massive edition

This may be the last of these for a while; life took a giant turn for the crazy this week. But in a good way, I promise! Anyway, lots of long reads this week, because that's what I've been doing: reading long articles in the snippets of time between things.
Ok, well, that's it for now.



currently loving

I know I haven't been around much lately: trust me when I say that life has been INSANE. I thought it was before...I had no idea. So don't expect it to be any more interesting around here for a while. WE'RE JUST GETTING STARTED. In the mean time? Pretty things.

How fantastic is the styling in this video? I love the cat eye she's rocking.

I'm pretty sure it's impossible for me to get tired of this one.

And I've shared this song before, but here's the official video. I really love the message of the song...

And just in case you needed to know: how to shuffle.


in memory

I don't often reference current events on here, but I'm really quite sad that Steve Jobs died yesterday. He was so young (56!) and impacted so many, causing the world to rethink how we use computers and really? How we live. So here are two things: one, him doing the voiceover from the "crazy ones" ad (one of my life mantras, I think). And two, his commencement address to Stanford in 2006: how to live before you die. He would know.

"Remembering that I'll be dead soon is the most important tool I've ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life. Because almost everything--all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure--these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important. Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked; there is no reason not to follow your heart."

Think different, people.


in which I try to make things photogenic

So you may or may not realize that I live within about half an hour of the Atlantic Ocean. I've grown up around the beach, and nothing relaxes me more than lying in the sand (coated in sunscreen!), reading, listening to the waves. Best. Thing. Ever.


When I think of the beach, I think of something like this. (Yes, that's my usual beach.) Unfortunately, the beach that most people (read: tourists) near us go to is called Ocean City, and it looks more like this. Lonely Planet calls it "the american seaside holiday at its tacky best." In the summer I literally will not go to Ocean City unless I'm being paid to shoot your wedding or engagement photos. It's just...heinous.

So when the manager of the Starbucks in Ocean City asked if I could hang some of my photography on the walls of that store, it was an interesting challenge. The art didn't HAVE to be specifically from that city, but it couldn't include a) people or b) religious iconography of any sort. I can live without the religious thing (although churches can be cool looking!) but a photo with no person? That's like not breathing to me. I see beautiful locations and want to put a bride there. That's just how I think. So all these? Out of the question.

Things also couldn't be too abstract--last time I tried to get some really experimental work approved, the district manger asked "Don't you just have some pictures of flowers or something?" No, no actually I don't. Because I haven't done those since I was, oh, FIFTEEN. And finally, the images really work better (because of framing) if they're horizontal.

With all that background, you now know why I forced myself on Friday to drive over to Ocean City and spend an hour wandering the boardwalk area, trying to see things in a new--and attractive--way. Epic fail. Some people see everything in a beautiful, artistic way. I AM NOT ONE OF THEM.

So below you'll find my attempts to see beauty in the ordinary. No, this is not how the images will end up being used. My favorite is definitely the snail. :D


some color for your day

I found the Kate Spade campaign I was telling you about. Don't you love the image with the pigeons?


wednesday wonderfulness

And this is just ridiculously adorable:

Also: Karen Elson looks amazing. And sings.


starting on the Christmas shopping

I don't know about you, but I start on my Christmas shopping EARLY. When you're from a family as big as mine, there's no way around it. I'd rather not spend a fortune, so I like to pick up lovely things on sale throughout the year, and Anthropologie is one of my favorite places. Here are a few lovely things that are currently very reduced in price.
Meyer Lemon Bracelet, $49.95

Crochet Palliettes Bib, $29.95

Garden Plait Mug, $3.95
(Wouldn't these make fantastic stocking stuffers? May have to get one for each of the girls in my family...)

Grown in The Garden, $19.95


happy pretty lovely!

Love this behind the scenes of the newest Kate Spade campaign....I'm trying to find the resulting images for you, but I'm having weird internet problems lately.


wednesday wonderfulness, not much else happening around here

That's all for now, folks. Time to go feed the alien in mah tummy!


like toys for your fingers

If anyone decides to buy me pretty much any of the rings from this shop, I won't be offended. I'm just saying.


wednesday wonderfulness, it's been a while

Ok, there's a LOT here. I'll go quickly.
Ok, I've got watermelon rind pickles to make. :D


today I love

looks I'm looking forward to sporting this fall (baby bump or no!):

braids. Especially messy ones.

cozy, shape-skimming sweaters.

pleated skirts.


What are you excited for this season?


wednesday wonderfulness

No really! Some good stuff here, I promise!
Ok. That's enough time wasted for now.


sometimes I buy shoes

Spent the weekend with the sisters pretending hurricane Irene wasn't happening. One of the highlights was our shoe shopping trip. I've seen these Louis Vuitton shoes in a bunch of editorials and loved them, so when I saw a straight up knock off, I couldn't resist. I bought them. I wasn't too excited about fall before, but now? Now I want things to cool down so that I can wear them...


wednesday wonderfulness

Ok, really quickly:
Ok, stopping now.


warning: will make you want to travel

Three very brief films that are sure to make you want to travel, learn something, and eat. Get your monday off to an inspired start!

MOVE from Rick Mereki on Vimeo.

LEARN from Rick Mereki on Vimeo.

EAT from Rick Mereki on Vimeo.


summer is almost gone

It's a rainy sunday here, and I should be editing like a madwoman. But instead I find myself playing wistful music while I watch season one (!) episodes of Top Chef on my iPad and adding new restaurants to the list of places to visit next time I'm in NYC.
Here's what today's weather feels like to me:


my legitimate excuse for lack of posting

so then that happened

Because I'm sleeping all. the. time. So far I've avoided morning sickness (mostly), and have only been hit with the extreme tiredness. I have to sleep eight hours a night now! Who has time for that?
Anyway, if the blog suddenly becomes kinda baby-centric, don't say I didn't warn you.


wednesday wonderfulness

Guys, guess what? I GOT TO SLEEP IN TODAY. Like, past 4 am. This is such happy news, you've no idea. Anyway, on to the pretties.
Ok....that's it for now. Enjoy!


currently loving

...this playlist
...these books (remind me of James Herriot!)
...this television series (on netflix instant queue)
What are you loving right now?


and while we're on the subject of animals

Is it possible to have too much animal print in your wardrobe? Because I DON'T THINK SO.

And I want them all.
All images property of SteveMadden.com.

weekend sale!

Do you love the amazing animal prints of Sharon Montrose? I definitely do, and this weekend she's running a sale in honor of her first anniversary. Buy three small prints, get the fourth free. Get over there!

All images belong to Sharon Montrose.

part of where I've been

I've been shooting. A lot. And not having time to edit much of it. But these are part of a seniors shoot I did this week that I'm particularly proud of.

with guitar



wednesday wonderfulness

Happy August, yo! Things that have happened so far: I've had a lot of photo shoots. We had a bad storm and our modem got blown out. Snorty got a life jacket (that he loves) and sunglasses (that he hates). There are no pictures yet. You know, the usual. Anyway.
Ok, I just have to stop. There's an album that MUST BE DESIGNED. Ciao.


shoes to change the world

A few weeks ago, a friend blogged about her purchase of TOMS shoes, posting lovely photos and a challenge to do what we can to use our spending dollars to support the less fortunate. I'd heard about TOMS before, of course, and I love their mission. But the problem is...I'd never wear the shoes. So imagine my delight when I discovered Sseko sandals today. They have a different mission: to empower and educate women in Uganda. But in addition? The sandals are really, really adorable. And something I would totally wear. I think I need to pick up a pair...or two.

(All images property of sseko.)


wednesday wonderfulness, I feel guilty for even posting this

Just because I'm ridiculously behind right now so I don't want to admit to the fact that I'm doing anything other than working my butt off. Anyway.
And that's all I have time for.


ways to waste time on a Monday

I don't even know how I got started poking around on Issuu this time, but it will suck you in and not let you go. So consider yourself warned. But if you still want something to stare at seriously while pretending to work, here you go.
  • where is the cool? This one is aimed toward men, but I love the layout and much of the content. And that yacht on page 86? OH GOODNESS.
  • Delish Magazine. More of a women's interest/lifestyle publication, with lots of pretty pictures and fun recipes. I love the aesthetic.
  • Gatherings Magazine reminds me of Mary Engelbriet's magazine, if you've ever read that. Plenty of color, more delicious-sounding recipes.
  • papercut mag. Some of the fashion spreads on this are amazing. I particularly love the one called "Color Theory."
  • Giving Life. This one is just for the "huh?" factor; as best I can tell it's a pakistani magazine for expecting parents? Sort of? I'm not sure, but it's intriguing to read something aimed at those who's frame of reference is completely different from mine.


friday wrap up

I know I've been non-existent this week, and I'm sad about this. There just hasn't been time to spend at the computer. Consequently, I'm falling behind on my real work, which means that when I DO have time to spare, it's not used on surfing/blogging/fun times.
Ok, so here are some snippets that I've picked up in my spare time.
And that's all for now. No wedding this weekend! Plenty of editing (and an engagement shoot) instead!



Ran across a shop on etsy called k.slademade and I'm madly in love. Chic, simple, classic totes and clutches, at what strike me as very reasonable prices. As always, click on the images for more info!