Yes, I laughed. Its the trailer for every oscar winning film ever.

"Inspiring final lines of a speech that douchebags will quote in their facebook profiles!"

wednesday wonderfulness

So this is what I have.
And with that I'm peacing out, lovelies. I need to go run some aerobic intervals!


probably too good to be true

I don't know how I found this online store, but they seem to have more than their fair share of adorable shoes! All the ones I'm showing below are under $50, and I love them, but I'm quite terrified that, once purchased, they would look incredibly cheap. However, it's fun to think about.

All images property of lulus.com.


hauntingly beautiful

I found this project by accident, and I've been hanging on to it. So beautiful. I can't stop going back and flipping through the images. I want to know the stories!

What do you think?


inspiration for the weekend

I just finished watching the documentary No Impact Man, and I decided to see what he's been up to since the film finished. Well, he's still blogging, and I love the article that he posted on his blog.
The question is not whether you can make a difference. The question is, do you want to be the person who tries? ...Don’t worry about the second step. Just be too stupid to know the first step won’t work.

straight up stripper shoes

Aren't these fantastic? I couldn't resist. And even I was having trouble walking in them. But seriously. Amazing.


vintage short shorts, oh yes!

So the other day I was perusing the racks at my local Salvation Army, looking for awesomeness, and I found (besides an amazing Gunne Sax dress) these shorts. They're high waisted! And denim! And SHORT. So, since it was 90 degrees here yesterday, I busted them out. I decided to go with a slightly vintage look, so I added a white wife-beater and fun wedges, along with a bright red lip.

Shorts: thrifted
tank: target
wedges: ebay
sunglasses: marshalls


wednesday wonderfulness

Hello lovelies! I know I haven't been around much this past week; it's been a week, k? But I did have some time to poke around on the internets and find good stuff for you.
  • This tutorial looks really interesting.
  • Oh. Oh goodness. Honestly: is this something you would try?
  • um, her skinny pant refashion? PERFECTION.
  • I feel like I could possibly find some awesome new music here.
  • this is definitely how I feel about planking.
  • I am absolutely enthralled with this website. to quote someone: "You look at this gorgeous girl and realize she's the same size as me. So maybe I'm gorgeous too?" Lovelove. When I punched in my height, weight, and body type, I was shocked to discover that the bodies on display were, in fact, beautiful.
  • can I please have a dessert table? Please?
  • and you know, just in case you care, here is the ongoing map of places that I need to visit when I have time in NYC. (And here are my favorites, the ones I make time for EVERY TIME.)
  • definitely checking out this playlist.
  • love the light in this editorial.
  • am I the only person who is very annoyed that every single one of these photos were shot on an angle? It's so contrived!
  • love that this editorial is so different from the usual swimsuit spreads. Very much about the form. Consequently, it's beautiful.
That's it for now, lovelies. Although if anyone wants to share their google maps with me, I'd love to see!


wednesday wonderfulness

No theme this week that I can discern.
That's it for now.....more when I get back from the city, I think.



I wore this awesome skirt to church yesterday and got about 27 compliments on it, my outfit, the way I dress in general....you know the drill. I have to admit, though, that it was given to me by my sister. She's gotten too skinny for it (I KNOW) so, you know, now it fits me.
Anyway. Skirt: handmedown (from express). Blouse: gap. Shoes: Tahari. Purse/bangles: vintage.


things to hang on your walls

Lately I've become enamored with Supermarket, a place for amazing designers and artists to sell their wares. (It's much more curated than Etsy.) Look at the images I've picked out below, and you can see why. All of these are listed for $60 or less, usually less. Addictive, no? (As always, click on the images for more information.)


wednesday wonderfulness

you know the drill.
That's all for now, lovelies.



sometimes you just get lucky

I know I haven't done an outfit post in forever on here, but that's because I don't wear anything interesting any more. Or if I do, I just don't make the time to take a picture.
Anyway, I found this adorable dress for about five dollars in a goodwill in a really snooty town about an hour away. We went there on my birthday weekend, and completely scored on the vintage front. You can't really see the adorable bow detailing on the front. But you can see my lovely brown patent wedges that I had to put on when my green sandals broke.


watch and waste time

Beautiful things that make me happy this Friday. No particular rhyme or reason, I just love them.

Amazing shoes being made. By hand.

Esquivel from David Hubert on Vimeo.

Pillow fight!

Pillow Fight! from Mindrelic on Vimeo.

An older one, but good.

Adorable! Vintage! Do wah!


how to: wear white

This post was supposed to be ready monday, but then life intervened. So here it is, a few days late.
Fact: I spend the weeks between memorial day wearing white pretty much every single day. I own no less than eight pairs of white pants, as well as several white dresses and white skirts. OXYCLEAN IS MY FRIEND. I pick up white at the end of season sales every summer, so yeah, my collection is a little out of control. Anyway, wanted to share a few of my favorite ways to wear it so that it looks fresh and classy instead of eighties redux.

Skinny jeans, heels, simple stripes? Sign me up. Key to wearing white: I try to keep lines pretty simple. It's very attention-getting, anyway, so you don't need lots of furbelows. (My particular white skinnies are by Michael Kors and they are ahMAZing. Flats, heels, wedges...everything looks good with them.)

I really almost wore this outfit the other day. My shirt is cut slightly different, but that's the color. You know how everyone has that one color that makes them look PERFECT? (Mine is cobalt blue.) Pair THAT color next to your face with a perfectly cut white skirt, and suddenly you're turning heads right and left. And you feel like a million dollars.
Also: I'm currently obsessed with layering necklaces. My sister started it, and right now I wear almost daily: an elephant on a gold chain (gift from sister), a silver platypus (favorite animal) and a silver manatee (second favorite animal). I'm also working on mixing gold and silver.

All white. Head to toe. This takes guts to wear, but such fun. Wide-legged pants, fitted top, flat sandals...add texture through accessories. And add drama (if you need more!) with red lippy.

What's your favorite way to wear white?


wednesday wonderfulness, still running behind

Not much happening around here, but I've got a couple of things for you.
Ok, it's back to the grind for me.