more weddings

So I was in Michigan last weekend, shooting this wedding:
the garter

The bride was a dear girl who I only know online. Apparently she wanted me as the main photographer but the groom wasn't sure, having never met me. So I got to be her own personal photographer and follow her around all weekend and take candids. Can you say "fun"??? I didn't have to do a single formal shot! 'Twas lovely. Plus I finally got to meet Christy in person, and she is AMAZING. One of the sweetest, most genuine people I have ever met. I totally want to hang out with her now, and absolutely adored her sisters. So crazy fun!

So the weekend before was this wedding:
sweet kisses

This one was a backyard wedding, and it was gorgeous. The bride and groom were super easy-going and we had a ton of fun working with them. Katy was just very unselfconcious and joyful, and it was awesome to see how much her new family adored her.

So this week, I'm putting together an album, doing a couple of practice photo shoots, eating too many Butterfingers, reading book six of Harry Potter, playing with my kitten, and driving to Ohio to get the girls. Hooray! Life is good.