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I love the way these branches look.

Snapped today as I was helping le husband work on the boat. (Don't ask.)


I'm cleaning out stuff since the move, and these are a couple of things I thought you guys might be interested in. If so, shoot me an email: vdoprincess at gmail dot com. First person to ask for one or all gets them.

This is the book I pulled illustrations from for this post. Great inspiration for anyone into period hair/fashion/costuming.

There are three skeins of this, and it's not as bright as in the picture. More rose colored.

Two skeins of this, and it's more of a seafoam green. If I don't hear from anyone in a couple of days, I'll just send it all to the thrift store!

what I love today

This is the pencil cup that sits on my (currently very messy) desk, and I love the fact that it contains two sharpies, one pair of glasses, one nail file, and two lip glosses. Yes, I'm a girl.


wednesday wonderfulness, and life is good

Wow. I've had a bit more free time this week, and I've used it futzing about on the internets. So you, my dear readers, get to reap the rewards. I've no brain cells for much of a preamble: I seem to be short on sleep this week. So without further ado:
Finally, enjoy this super happy song:


things that make me happy today

I know some of you are waiting to see my new apartment, and I want to share it, but we're still at that "getting rid of accumulated STUFF" stage, so there is still stuff everywhere. It's all very much a work in progress, and I promise I will post pictures eventually. In the meantime, here are some little snippets.
Hooray for yellow purses for only $5!

This is a detail of my bathroom wall; a friend did gorgeous cherry blossoms all over for me. It's beautiful.

Yes, Lewis has found a lovely spot of sun. (In less happy news, he's not entirely sure about this whole "move" thing. We're working on it.)

Meet our resident grumpy old man. You have no idea how funny this little guy is. Today as I sat on the couch he was, as usual, hidden under a pillow, and he squeaked in his sleep. Awesomeness.

Mmm. My most favorite coffee of the year is currently in at Starbucks, and I'm stocking up. Casi Cielo means "almost heaven" and that really is how good this is: it's a little bit citrussy, a little bit chocolatey, and so, so smooth. I normally hate Latin American coffees just because they're high-acid, but not Casi. It's very full and complex. Goodness in a cup.

What makes you happy today, dear ones?

beautiful films to while away your day

Dubai fascinates me anyway, but this time-lapse film makes it look like a fairyland. Breathtaking.

Sky from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

This is brilliant: yes, a music video, but obviously inspired by a combination of James Bond and pulp detective novels. No, really. Watch it.

Beat Assailant SPY (Official Music Video) from // Videodrome on Vimeo.

I think I like this one just because of the girls outfit. Also: while they're in the abandoned building, all I can think is: beautiful light! How are they NOT stopping to do a photoshoot????
Yep. That's how I see things.

Merry Incantations! from Jennifer Cox on Vimeo.

I wish this one were longer.

Kamilla & Daniel from Alan Kirschen Studio on Vimeo.

mmm. gorgeous. also? crystals.

ALEXANDER CAMPAZ - S/S 10 VIDEO LOOKBOOK from John Christopher Alberico on Vimeo.

summer really is coming

and this lovely short film has me wanting it even more.


wednesday wonderfulness, I'm getting caught up edition

I have internets on my computer now, so this should be a BUMPER CROP OF AWESOME. (BCOA? sounds like a disease.)
Well, for now I'm done. I think I'll have much more awesome later.


shoes I currently think need to come home with me

So, a very good friend of mine is in the pre-planning stages of her wedding, and I'm trying to convince her to spend her ENTIRE budget on a fabulous pair of shoes. So far she's not convinced, but it gives ME an excuse to browse shoe websites with the excuse of looking for the perfect pair of wedding shoes. And I just happen to find lots and lots that would be perfect for meeeeee. As always, click on the image to get purchasing information.

Skinny jeans, leather jacket, and white tee, anyone? Or maybe pair these with thick black tights and a sixties mini. Either way: perfection.

These I would actually love to see on a bride. The sculptural heel? Amazing. Go to the page so you can look at them from all angles; I reallyreally think I need these. For reals.

They're blue and sparkly! Wouldn't they be the perfect "something blue"? Or just perfect worn with a little black dress? you know, either way.

These are super-fab. I love that her foot looks like a baby mummy.

These would actually make really pretty wedding shoes too, I think. Or a very awesome take on the ever-slimming nude heel.

And these are just funky/bizarre/awesome. I want.

I MUST HAVE THESE. They take my bizarre shoeness to a whole new high. Lovelovelove.


Currently at DSW if you enter the code 50CLEAR you get an extra 50% off of all Clearance. Get over there, ladies!


wednesday wonderfulness

This edition of Wednesday Wonderfulness is sponsored by Tumblr and YouTube; I don't have internet access yet on my own computer, so I'm surfing on my husband's laptop. Which means none of my usual bookmarks, but the potential to discover much awesomeness, right?
And my interwebs is now having issues with me, so I'll stop now, and leave you with the following two videos. The music video is for a song I currently love (I love the idea of just living your life, no matter what others think), but I really like how the story of this video plays with linear thinking. The second is behind the scenes of an Absolut shoot, and has some brilliant sets and costumes.

Have a fabulous Wednesday, my dears!



I'll be perfectly honest: this last week has been tough, and this weekend? On the list of my top three worst. It's just been one thing after another on top of the moving, and today hasn't improved a ton. (In one of the highlights: our pipes are frozen, so we've been without water at the new place since yesterday morning. I reached a new low in my life today when I had to drive to wal-mart for the sole purpose of going to the bathroom.) But here's the thing: its all going to work out. Confession: whenever I'm having a particularly hard time with anything, I tell myself that if I just stay alive long enough, I'll get through this. Time MUST pass, so I just have to keep breathing. That sounds incredibly dark, I know, but it's really rather calming. So anyway, here are the things that make me very glad for this week.
  • Promotion kicking in at Starbucks! Yes, it's twice as many hours, but there is a raise involved. And it's just temporary, so I'll get my power kicks out of my system and get back to being a mere peon.
  • The apartment is looking gorgeous! You know that promotion I just took? Yeah. Part of it is going to allow me to purchase some awesomeness for the apartment. I'll post pictures when things are pulled together more, I promise.
  • My brother just came over and brought me tea. Because he knew I was having a crap day. This is true love, ladies and gentlemen.


whiM: what happiness it's Monday!

things that make me happy that this week is stretching before me, full of promise.

from the photostream of isayx3
normal life:: The ability to get back on a normal schedule is making me ridiculously happy. Now if this crazily cold weather would just go away so I would find it easier to get motivated to go running.

apartment therapy:: we're supposed to be out of our current place by the 15th of this month, so all my spare time this week is being spent painting. May I just say "hot pink kitchen."

tights:: My uniform these days (when I'm not painting) is dark tights, some sort of mini, and flat boots. It's comfy, and I love it, and it keeps me from freezing to death.

orange tiger cats:: my lewiscat is the worlds best cuddler, and regularly falls asleep on my stomach. It's awesome. And warm.

honorable mentions: vintage hats for a dollar, flannel sheets, color-coded storage bins, books on CD, layering, ramen noodles, slouchy sweaters, giving wedding advice

What are you loving this monday, dear ones?