christmas pictures

The trees were on clearance last year at Walmart after Christmas; they were red distressed wood. So I painted them white and draped them in glitter. The stockings are kneesocks from target that I trimmed to match various personalities, and they were ovely and knobbly once filled.

This one is for a sister-in-law, and has yet to be presented.
gifts in progress

Christmas morning, the husband made us breakfast, and used his mom's recipe for cinnamon rolls. They were delicious.

Dig is kind of like Scrabble on crack, and it's the only thing we have the attention span for.

Mmmm, delicious sushi. Looks like this roll had scallops.

My dad's birthday is Christmas day, so every year I bake him his favorite: German Chocolate Cake. I'm rather good at it by now.
happy birthday, dad!


quite possibly the best Christmas ever

I need to post pictures, I know. But seriously, this had to be one of the best, most refreshing Christmases I can remember. We didn't go anywhere or do anything particular, instead opting to move a piano, make sushi for dinner, and play scrabble. My husband cooked us all breakfast, we had lovely stockings full of goodness, and generally enjoyed being together. My sister's version is much more interesting, but the point was: it wasn't stressful at all, and that's very nice.

I hope yours was just as lovely.


bits and bobs

Today I borrowed the children of a friend so I could practice with little ones. Wow am I rusty. Out of the 24 pictures I'm giving to the mum, these are the only two that I really like. I see lots of practice ahead.

In other news, check out the cover story from this month's flower magazine. The amazingly classy work you see is done by an online friend/irl acquaintance of mine, and I am seriously wowed by her skills. Read and be impressed.

Continuing with the discussion of feet (but not mentioning shoes!), check out these two posts containing tons of adorable baby feet pictures. Talk about inspiration!

We'er having a caroling party Friday night, so my life is full of planning for that and finishing up Christmas prep. I really need to take pictures of my awesome stockings (they look like boa constrictors after a meal!) and the garland on our poor, unwatered tree. Maybe tomorrow, when there is light.

Miss you all--life is insane.


excuses to buy the perfect boots

I've been coveting a pair of low, black, motorcycle-esqe boots ever since I saw a picture of someone wearing a pair with skinny black pants, a long, loose tunic top, and huge sunglasses. Well, I've found the perfect pair, and of COURSE they're from Frye and cost almost $200. But in the interest of convincing myself of just how versatile they are, I decided to put together a couple of outfits. I was going to go online, download pictures, and put together collages in photoshop, but instead I decided to try out this polyvore thing I've been hearing about. Oh. My. Word. Can you say adddictive? It's like playing dressup in the worlds largest department store but without the horrid lighting and unflattering mirrors. Completely fun. So anyway, here are my outfits. Who wants to suggest one for me, or tell me why these boots are the WORST IDEA EVER?

City Chic

Skinny pants, slouchy hat, loose dress, cushy fabrics, shades of gray with a punch of color in the gloves, and it all says "I'm too cool to care." Except for the fabulously feminine vintage peacock earrings. They rock.

Lots of black, bright colored petticoat, super-feminine dress, cardigan wrapped around, ribbon tied over top, and pinned with the brooch, perfect pearls, silly sunglasses, and butt-kicking boots. Perfection.


quick pick to tuck under the tree

I found "Occasions" by Kate Spade at the library last night, and I'm in love. Whimsical, practical, and illustrated with charming watercolors, it has a joyous verve that makes you wish to be her houseguest or at least her friend. I'm sure the rest are just as good.


for all those project runway addicts

If you don't get Bravo and are devastated (as I am) that you can't get it off iTunes, check out this YouTube poster. So far they have all this season's epps. Yay!


things I love today

I started to make this post last night, but I wasn't feeling well, so I went to lay down. 13 hours later I woke up in time to go to work again. So here I am. Today I love:
- these photos
- these gift ideas
- this list of "what to wear when you're sick"
- this outfit (from the Sartorialist, of course)
That's all for now. I think I'm going to go do a little Christmas shopping. Yay!


bad blogger; no cookie!

I terribly sorry my posting has been so non-existent of late. I make no promises to reform, unfortunately. My creativity bucket is running on "low" right now. Although I DO have some good Christmassy ideas; I just can't post them here because le sisters read le blog, and one must have suprises at Christmas! (We struggle with that whole "suprise" thing--we're always telling each other ahead of time and then having to go get another gift.) So here are some random bits of goodness that I currently love.
Ok, enough for now. Need to go scrub the bathroom.