best of 2010

I've been terribly irregular about blogging, I know. I feel awful. But I don't want to forget some of the best bits of this year, so here, in no particular order, are some of the highlights of my year.


favorite moments: visiting new york with one of my good friends, my sisters, and a fellow photographer. taking two "just for fun" trips with my husband: one to new york and one to key west. My sister got married. I spoke at Ignite Sussex. I made a silly tape where I pretended to be Flo the Insurance Lady. I rediscovered the joy of film, shot a bunch of weddings, and did a photoshoot that I personally think is some of my best work ever. I had a fashion editorial published in an online magazine. I led a photo workshop and watched a bunch of people get excited about photography. I did my first boudoir shoot. We got a dog. I got another tattoo. I took self-portraits every week for...a long while. I read more than 50 book, I heard She & Him in concert.



Wow. Just typing that was good for my soul. I had forgotten some of it, and felt the year was kind of a waste. Now...I can't wait for 2011!

goals for 2011

And yet again I'm sharing my goals with you guys, just because it seems like I get more done that way. Seriously: I would lose these if I wrote them in my journal, but since I have them publicly posted, somehow it keeps them at the forefront of my mind. Anyway, without further ado, here's the list: the good, the bad, the serious, and the silly.
  • do four band photoshoots. Yeah....about that. Didn't even do one.
  • do four editorial/fashion shoots Um. See above.
  • shoot eight weddings
  • take a pilates class I started doing a prenatal yoga DVD. Does that count?
  • acquire my first pair of louboutins Ha. HAHAHAHAHAHA.
  • learn to play golf Ok seriously now? I went to the driving range, borrowed clubs...and found out I was pregnant. Which killed my motivation.
  • do project 365 doing it here.
  • join the chamber of commerce? (get better at networking, for sure)
  • move into a bigger place Nope.
  • blog here at least twice a week Nope.
  • blog professionally at least once a week Nope.
  • develop and maintain some sort of schedule I have one! It's called getting up at 4:00 five days a week. WOOOOO!
  • take a class on lighting
  • walk a 3day for the cure Nope. Didn't have time to complete the fundraising.
  • lead a local help-portrait event Well...I started to. And had to drop out because of the combination of being pregnant/working 60+ hours a week.
  • find a way to volunteer regularly
  • sort and winnow my fabric and yarn collections In process! 01/30
  • cook dinner at least once a week
  • eliminate fast food from my life So far this year I've not had any...and I'm unintentionally losing weight. YES. 01/30
  • read at least 50 books
  • read War and Peace
  • final put together the marketing piece I've been planning for 2 years
  • get 0 tattoos!
  • take off one day a week Oh those silly goals of mine.


project 52, week 35

project 52, week 36

I am not a fan of snow. I used to like it in moderation, but that was before I moved to Ohio. Now I hate it with the passion I reserve for ugly shoes.
See, I grew up on the Eastern Shore, where we would get one snow a year if we were lucky. Winters were high thirties or the low forties, gray, and rainy. Scarves were a fashion accessory, and gloves were forgettable. Winter, in short, was a couple of months that we endured while we waited for tourist season to return.
And then I met Ohio.
But let me explain.
J and I got married in November, and on that weekend, out here, it was in the sixties. I ran around in my dress all day without a sweater and was just fine. We then went on a cruise for our honeymoon, and were back in Ohio just about in time for Thanksgiving. He and his brothers have this WRETCHED tradition in which they go shopping on Black Friday, and I'll never forget that morning. I was still in the stage of being a newlywed in which I would try to accommodate his crazy ideas, so I got up at the CRACK OF DAWN to go out and see the madding crowds. As I stepped out of the car, onto the thin sheet of ice that coated the parking lot, it was 11 degrees. ELEVEN DEGREES. Without counting windchill. I stood there, shivering, the wind slicing swiftly through my wool coat that had, until that point, been perfectly sufficient for my purposes. I stuffed my bare hands deep into my coat pockets and thought "If this is winter in Ohio, I'm going to die."
We bought a pair of gloves that day.
We've since left the shivery wasteland that is the midwest, and seem to have dragged the snowy weather with us. However, two winters out there have left me quite capable of surviving near-arctic temperatures. My vintage coat collection includes several fur/fur trimmed pieces that I wear without remorse, and I've learned that you can pretty much live in a leather jacket as long as you have a good scarf and gloves.
But I still hate snow.


in praise of christmas cheer

project 52, week 34
project 52, week 35

So here's the thing: I love christmas. Ridiculously much. Growing up we were never ever taught to believe in santa claus, and certain siblings who shall not be named took great (and unseemly) delight in being the child who corrected the misinformation of all the other little children in Sunday School.
But we definitely believed in Christmas. My sisters and I loved decorating and pulling out cherished ornaments year after year, despite our despair over how our tree never looked as beautiful and matched as the trees we saw in pictures. In fact, the first Christmas after our mom left, we spent the entire grocery budget for one week on ornaments that ALL MATCHED and our tree that year coordinated from head to toe. It was glorious. (Yes, I am now one of those people who not only has a completely matched tree, but also coordinates all my wrapping paper to match my decorations.)
There were years, however, when the celebration thereof was a little touch and go. I mean, there were always presents, no matter how simple, But some years the parental units decided that having a Christmas tree was unChristian, seeing as the use of such originated with a pagan holiday. The first year they did this we rummaged around and found a strange-looking fake tree that someone had given us. It was kinda missing the top, but we MacGuyvered together something that looked rather tree-ish, and all was well. The next year? They once again decided we were not having a tree. So. Being the resourceful children that we were, we appropriated a house plant. And not just any house plant: the Norfolk Pine.
This particular plant was prickly, as tall as I, heavy, and generally a blot on the face of mankind. We hated it. So we decorated it.
Strings of lights around each of the two layers of branches, ornaments hanging from the tip of each branch. It out Charlie-browned the Charlie Brown special. Seriously. It was the most sad, pathetic tree you've ever seen in your entire life. But we happily piled presents beneath it and when guests came over and looked confused as to what that abomination in our living room was, we cheerily explained, "Mom and dad wouldn't let us get a tree this year, so we created one!"
Shortly after removing the ornaments from the Evil Plant after New Years, it died for some reason. I'm sure the burned spots from the Christmas lights had *nothing* to do with it. I, for one, was already trying to plan where we would get an umbrella skeleton to decorate for the next year.
However, for some reason, my parents always made sure we had a live tree after that.


self-portrait project

project 52, week 33

project 52, week 33
Fact: I do not often go on vacation. Further fact: when I do, I am the MOST BORING PERSON IN THE WORLD. My idea of a good time is peace, quiet, and a giant stack of books.
So this week I'm with my husband in Key West, (sort of) celebrating our fifth anniversary. In fact, we're vacationing together for the first time in 4 years. It's lovely. Even more lovely? I managed to get caught up on work before we left. And that would be, according to my husband, the first time in two years, maybe? I mean, I have work to do when I return, but I'm not dodging emails at the moment. Or feeling guilty. I have one album to design, a couple of edits to apply, and...that's all.
Um, wow. I don't even know what to say. Except that it's worth the lack of sleep in the previous weeks.


self-portrait, world aids day

project 52, week 32
be inspi(red)

When I grew up, in a very conservative church, AIDS was considered "God's judgment" on people for sin. I'm ashamed to say that at the time, I didn't know any better. I went along with it. I even, perhaps, believed it.
And then I grew up. And I learned that in Africa, wives are infected with HIV because they sleep with their husbands, that babies are born with compromised immune systems because their (innocent) mom has it. Suddenly, AIDS awareness is something I'm very interested in. And while I know that many people consider things like Project (RED) to be a waste of money, since they sell over-priced items and claim its for a good cause. But this is what I know: it costs twenty cents a day to pay for the medication to keep one person alive. Twenty. Cents. That means that for every four holiday drinks Starbucks sells today, one more day of life is purchased.
You can give people life. How often do you get that chance?

wednesday wonderfulness, no, I'm not dead

But I will be soon if I don't watch it. Not really; I'm exaggerating. But I've definitely bitten off more than I can chew with the whole "Help-Portrait event the day before we leave on vacation" thing. Oh! Self portrait this week WILL happen; I've just not made time for it yet. I will! So without further ado, a couple of weeks worth of awesomeness.
Ok, enough lollygagging, I've got to get back to work!