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spring on a string

more posie prettiness

a dismal sort of mess

walls of beauty and inspiration

suddenly I want to make tiny, cute creatures

they called this "the bumblebee outfit"

so many pretty things

I love just browsing around etsy

what I'm reading

a quiet weekend

if you ever need a small person model with a winning smile, I can totally hook you up

move over, cute overload

I want to print out this site and hang it on my wall

dwadling is the most fun

suddenly I want to put flowers on everything

today I love

if I surround myself with enough bright colors, maybe it will feel like spring

I love when pretty things come in the mail

on the fickle nature of fashion

getting monday off to a good start

work in progress friday Saturday

green goodness

the hat is done!

stuff that made me say "wow"

if bomb diggity could be worn on the head, it would totally look like this hat I'm knitting

sharing the good stuff since....I started sharing

hooray for another snow day!

looks that I've been drooling over and just might pin on my wall

snow day inspiration

feeling domestic

a crisis of confidence

afflicted with spring fever


see, you want to be my friend and have babies because I made very cute gifts

le bag! It is le complete!

a rawther busy day

adorableness under $30

there's warm fuzzies all around

addicted to etsy