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things I love today

a happy jumble of interesting things

yard sake sale shopping for fun, and, well, fun

attack of the sequinned strawberry

self portrait with wall

I think I might have a slight addiction to vintage purses

just my luck

debating the point

coolness, and a question

when we get bored we take pictures

sparking creativity

quick fashiony stuff

::dreams of summer::

thrifting is fun!

in leiu of actual creativity

graduation gift guide, sort of

almost makes rain fun

good stuff that's worth sharing

hair today, gone tomorrow

a rundown of things that are cool

my last batch of pictures from the weekend

the awesomeness that is my family

so we cooked lunch for mum in honor of mother's day

there are some things I come by honestly

really fast

I'm going on an adventure!

a thing of beauty is a joy forever

warm weather makes me feel alive

shoe envy

the great hair debate

in case your kitchen is lacking in personality