on editing

I have some professional headshots to deliver this week, so I've been using photoshop a lot. And I have two things to say.
1) People, wear sunscreen. A tan may be attractive, but it will leave damage. And no one knows just how much like your retoucher.
2) I've learned the REALLY EASY way to get rid of under-eye circles/bags/nonsense. I used to use the heal tool, but that tends to look overdone and leave a hard line. Now I use a paintbrush, dropped to about 30%, and pull the color from the lightest part of the skin around the eye. Then just brush on paint until things look smooth. Easy peasy!


my life through instagram

Let's all just pause for a moment and be happy that instagram is now available for Droid!


Ok, to proceed. Here are my favorite snaps over the past couple of weeks.

This is the epic-ly awesome hat L wore home from the hospital; it now fits!

I have this theory that the pugs can babysit. So far not so much.

We've had some gorgeous weather here lately.

Teach le bebe to be a nerd. You know. As one does.

One month old!

We celebrated my birthday with raspberry napoleons! SO YUMMY.

I've been doing a lot of line-drying lately with all this beautiful sun.

We've been having tummy time outside.

We got passports today! (We're going to Costa Rica for a friend's wedding this summer. So excited!)


wednesday wonderfulness

Yoiks! Has it already been another week? Craziness, I say.


in which I attempt to reclaim my pre-baby outfit mojo

I'm pretty fortunate that I seem to have shed most of my baby weight so far (not sure of the exact number, though: I don't own a scale). There is, however, a decided belly pudge. Since I've always had a fairly flat stomach without noticeable effort on my part, this has caused me to rethink some of my outfits. However, I'm slowly getting back in the swing of things. The key, I think, lies in the shoes. As long as I'm wearing heels I could get away with yoga pants, should I want to. But no worries, I won't be testing that theory any time soon.
Dress: from the Gap, but it was a hand-me-down from my sister. (It's nursing-friendly, too! Woot!)
Wedges/earrings: Target

I definitely need to add some jewelry of some sort to this look, but baby steps, ok?


wednesday wonderfulness

So...good thing I don't depend on income from this blog. Because, well, it would be starving to death right now. Even my internet surfing has gone down, because I've been reading instead. While I still can, you know? But I do have a few things...
Ok, that's all for now.


three weeks and two days old

three weeks, two days


In a surprising (to me at least) twist, having a newborn means I'm getting much MORE reading and watching done. Breastfeeding will do that, apparently.
Currently reading: 11/22/63. I've never read a Stephen King novel before, because I don't like scary. However, I now see why he's so popular: he's a very compelling writer! I'm LOVING this.
Just finished reading: Toujours Provence. This was a re-read, pulled off the shelf when I hadn't yet made it to the library. I do love the writing of Peter Mayle.

My Week with Marilyn. Beautiful. Michelle Williams is breathtaking, and Judi Dench is charming.
Martha Marcy May Marlene. Creepy and intriguing.
The Muppets. I'd never seen a Muppets movie before! Definitely enjoyed, now I want to watch more.

I'm not really listening to anything particularly interesting. Lincoln loves Les Miserables, though.