actually, happiness is not a warm gun

It is, however:
-having neon orange fingernails (because I can!)
-owning a brand new phone (blackberry! Posting on it right now)
-being in michigan for a whole weekend for a wedding
-consequently having lots of free time
-the prospect of nothing but harry potter, book five, and pringles for a whole evening
-having taken a leave of absence from sbucks becuase I'm so busy with weddings
-having the first signed contract for next year
-having the kids out for the next month. Woo!
Life is good.


latest photo shoots

There have been a LOT of engagement shoots lately, including these three. I have one more engagement and a wedding waiting for me to get cracking, but at least I'm close to caught up.

josh & ashley, annapolis
happy kisses

heather & jason, salisbury

allison & steve, crisfield

not dead, just busy

So I counted it up, and last week, since I shot a wedding, I put in about 40 hours at Sbucks and another 30 on photography stuff. This would be why I haven't been posting; its all I can do to maintain clean clothes right now. Our wedding on Saturday nearly got tornadoed out, but it cleared up in time for some amazing photos. So excited.

So anyway, I cam across this etsy store: le papier It actually belongs to my cousin's wife, and I'm rather enthralled with some of the offerings. She's very big into silhouettes, and I love it. Gorgeousness.

I hope to have a picture post by this afternoon; I'm editing like a madwoman. Also watching season two of "The Closer." Love. That. Show. "Thank yew so very much!"