orange marmalade cupcakes

orange marmalade cupcakesOr, "the bastard lovechild of vanilla cupcakes and orange marmalade cake." Note: these are not the cupcakes you take to a picnic--they'll melt. These aren't the ones you can just throw together, either. But if you want a moist, sweet cupcake studded with citrus, topped with sticky marmalade, and iced with almost-tangy frosting, this is the cupcake for you. Use napkins--you'll need plenty.

Orange Marmalade Cupcakes (makes 30):
3 C flour
2 C sugar
1 TBL baking powder
3/4 tsp salt
Using the paddle beater of your mixer, cut in:
1 C shortening (I used vegetable shortening)
Whisk together:
4 eggs
1 C milk
1 tsp vanilla
zest of one orange
Add to the flour mixture in three parts. Stir just until blended, then divide into tins. Bake 17 to 20 minutes at 350. Remove when just done; you want to make sure they're moist. When they come out of the oven, let them cool in their tins for a few minutes, then use a fork, skewer, or toothpick to prick the surface of each cupcake several times.
Combine 1/2 c orange juice and 1 TBL sugar
Pour a spoonful of juice over each cake, going slowly so that it has time to absorb. Let the cakes cool.
Heat 3/4 C orange marmalade in the microwave until it's quite liquid. Put a teaspoonful on each cupcake, speading to the edges. (Note: I left the cupcakes in their tins until this step was done to prevent stickiness from dripping down the sides.)
When the marmalade has cooled completely, it's time to ice them.
1 C sour cream (NOT low-fat)
1 C heavy whipping cream
2 TBL sugar
1 1/2 tsp vanilla
Mix on high until stiff peaks form. Ice the cupcakes, and if it's hot, refrigerate them. Pull out at least half an hour before serving, though, to allow the flavors to shine.

sometimes weird jewelry is cool

I would pass on the earrings, but the necklace is great. Pixelgirlshop has more cool stuff, including strange stuffed animals and a new twist on the old Father's Day tie.


What I wore Sunday, May 29

Sunday, May 28
Unfortunately, you can't see the detail on the dress very well.
Navy silk dress: vintage (salvation army!)
purse: vintage
shoes: thrifted
pearls: old faithfuls


currently obsessed with red shoes

I've been trolling around on the internet looking for the perfect red shoes, and in the process, I've become convinced that they're the one single clothing item that will take us down the yellow brick road to happiness. Gathered for your convenience, here are some of my favorites under $50.
currently obsessed with red shoes
L-R, top: Madeline; American Eagle; both from shoemall.com; Keds from shoes.com
middle: Franco Sarto; rsvp; Steve Madden; all from zappos.com
bottom: Ralph Lauren, from Bluefly; Payless; Gabriella Rocha, from zappos.com


good reading for a rainy spring day

As I write this, the rain is pouring down outside, washing across the already-clean sidewalks, and pattering across the foilage below my second-floor window. It's lovely, really, as much as I wish it were sunny. But for those days when you're stuck inside, here are a couple of books I've been reading and loving.
Vintage Style by Cath Kidston. This simple book on interior design by one of those who brought vintage fabrics back into style is simple and charming. We go inside her homes (yes, that's a plural) for photographs and she explains the thought behind many of her decorative decisions. I picked up some very good ideas; my favorite is for those who have pets in the house. She tucks a length of fabric or pretty old blanket around just the seat cushions of her couches. It doesn't match, but it adds extra color, as well as being much easier to clean then the slipcover or actual cushions.
Fashionable Food by Sylvia Lovegren. This one is humourous, but I haven't been tempted to try many of the recipies. It's a recounting of food fads in the US over the past seven decades. It's quite interesting to see how attitudes toward food and trends in cooking are reflective of society as a whole. Make sure to look for the infamous "candlestick salad."
Chef on a Shoestring, edited by Andrew Friedman. Apparently this goes along with a television show, but I haven't seen it. Simple, lovely dishes that often have unexpected flavor pairings. I want to try the sweet potato gnocchi, onion soup, and apple strudel, among others.
Two for the Road by Jane and Michael Stern. I love their column in Gourmet; I'm also addicted to their website. This friendly book recounts how they got into food writing, favorite meals, early cars, and everything in between. It has recipies at the end of each chapter, but you'll want to read it just for fun. It's not long, either, so you should finish it just about the time the rain stops.

what I wore today to clean the house

wardrobe remix - May 26
Headscarf: thrifted
Skirt: vintage (I picked it up this week when I discovered a really good Salvation Army.)
Pink silk sweater: thrifted
Feet: bare. Because I'm going to be mopping and stuff, and you can't do that while wearing shoes!

an apology

I haven't been updating much lately, and when I have it's been clothes, clothes, clothes. Which is good, perhaps, but not terribly interesting for everyone. So I'll try to remedy that. But before I do, I have to say: I want these shoes. They're perfect for this vintage navy dress that I bought this week, and besides, everyone needs a pair od shiny red shoes! (They would be like my very own ruby slippers.)


things I like today

things I like - May 24
Clockwise from top left: the expresso cup that sits on my windowsill; the pink TaB can that sits next to it, holding the occasional flower; the cheery floral tray I picked up today--perfect for transporting cupcakes!


things I liked yesterday

things I like today
Clockwise from top: mugs in a row at Starbucks, fabric of Megan's dress, another Starbucks mug.

what I wore to church on Sunday

Sunday, may 21 Confession: while sitting in church listening to the teaching, I occaisionally made note of outfits I want to try to wear, just so I wouldn't forget them. Does that made me officially a bad person?
Dress: vintage slip
purple tank: gap
belt/shoes: ann taylor
leather jacket: thrifted
pearls: the same ones I wear all the time
expression: exceptionally tired and goofy, because it was late.


I really shouldn't go trolling about on ebay; I find way too many things I would love to acquire. Like vintage green croc slingbacks, things that make me wish I had tiny feet, and things that make me wish I had more guts.


what I'm looking forward to reading

BreakupBabe: A Novel. Yes, it's chick lit. But it has a cool Marvel-esqe cover! And it's written by a blogger! And it's chick lit! Totally looking forward to this.


weekly recap #4

reading: Don't Look Now by Daphne du Maurier. Yes, I'm on a DdM kick. I do that, though-go through periodic phases of reading everything I have by one author.
watching: The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio. Although a bit slow in spots, this movie is entirely worth watching just for the costuming. Lovely!
listening: O by Damien Rice
going: to BrotherInLaw1's girlfriend's college graduation.


what I wore to church

wardrobe remix - May 17th, going to churchSunglasses: Wet Seal
Shirt: absconded from sister-in-law (It says "Midnight Rambler." Isn't that great?)
Belt: ribbon from fabric store
Skirt: vintage
Shoes: Discount Shoe Warehouse
Reading: "Mary Anne" by Daphne du Maurier

one more thing off the "to do" list

I had all my purses hanging on the walls of my room at my apartment, but right after we got married I didn't want to subject Mr. Man to such a girly bedroom decoration. However, desperate times call for desperate measures, and all my lovely vintage bags were kicking around on a shelf in the closet, getting dusty and feeling unloved. So back on to the wall they went (there's more than you can see in this photo) and if Mr. Man objects, maybe I'll let him hang his gun on the other wall? Maybe.


lovely things

Around my house. Clockwise from top left: vintage bedspread, hooked wool rug, cotton gauze for the skirt I'm making for my sister, my mother's senior picture.

Happy Mother's Day.


things I like today

Target Couture. That's just funny.

One of my favorite stores for fun, inexpensive clothing that doesn't look cheap, Forever21, now has menswear available! Forget buying graphic tees from ExpressMen--for something that Mr. Man gets to wear maybe every other week, this is a much better price. (Have no fear: I've no intention of getting dress clothes here. The whole "you get what you pay for" thing aside, Mr. Man wears dress clothes 4 days a week, so it's worth invesing in decent quality.)

I am completely addicted to Jergens Natural Glow. I've been using it for about a week, and I must say, I think it works. I'm naturally very fair, a situation I have no problem with until I (a) get around my very olive-skinned husband or in-laws; or (b) it's the beginning of summerishness, and every is getting a healthy glow except me. So, I've tired both the body lotion and the facial moisturizer, and I now have a natural sort of glow, without lookng at all Oompa-Loompa-esqe. And without frying my epidermis.

Porkchop's favorite black Aldo stilettos, found at my favorite thrift store for $8. In her size, of course.

The Rolling Stone interview with Bono. I've been listening to it on my iPod, and it's quite interesting.



Since my creativity has either been lacking or not documented, I present to you...the sisters-in-law. In my clothes. Of course. Because I still play dressup, and I'm not ashamed to admit it.

On L (left):
Dress: Gap
Necklaces: Claires
Socks: Gift
Boots: Gift
On E (right):
Dress: vintage slip
Shirt: Gap
Belt: Ribbon from JoAnn's
Tights: Target
Shoes: Marshall's

On L:
Dress: Vintage
Belt: Ribbon from JoAnn's
On E:
Dress: ExpressWomen
Belt: vintage
Necklace: Department Store
Sandals: secondhand


outfit: sweet and floral for visitation

Inspired by Agathe at Stylebytes I'm going to start posting pictures of some of my outfits, in an effort to postpone the dread onset of "I'm married now so I don't have to impress anyone" syndrome.
This outfit is based around a skirt I just acquired. I love the floral print; it was enough to make me ignore the fact that it's some sort of stretchy knit fabric. (Although old and worn stretchy knit is, I've discovered, quite comfy.) Since I was going on church visitation with my husband, the outfit had to be demure. This is the first time I've worn the shoes, although I've had them for a while. In case you can't tell, they're dark green patent leather, and patent is lovely this spring.
Shirt: Gap
Skirt: vintage
Slip (that's the black lace at the bottom of the skirt): haven't the faintest
Belt: Ribbon from Joann's Fabric
Shoes: Secondhand