on being creative

So a few days I ago I remembered this poster, which I had linked to some time before:

In the process of trying to find it, I ran across several creative manifestos, and they got my brain spinning and wanting to generate ideas again. See, the thing about creativity is that it's a lot of work. It's like any other muscle that has to be exercised but can then produce on demand. Of course, how does one exercise one's creativity? That's where personal creative manifestos come in.
LifeArtMedia posted a challenge a couple of years ago, and some of the responses are here. (Scroll down to the comments.) Hugh MacLeod shared his personal disciplines here, and a bulleted version of that is available here. And my personal favorite is Bruce Mau's incomplete manifesto. I think I need to turn that into a poster to hang by my desk. Or maybe I should write my own. So. Do you have a creative manifesto? How do you motivate yourself on those days when creativity is just not there? 


worth watching for the clothes

Married Life, a supposed comedy that had a very noir feel. Not laugh-out-loud funny, but smart and beautiful. Although I did end up hating all the characters at some point.

Isn't this room gorgeous? 

Part of the credits. So very deco. 

Her dress here is lovely, and I love the shot. 

You can't see the belt on this outfit, but trust me: it's good. 

men in hats! so fabulous! 

Why do I never eat in restaurants that look this chic? 

Green dress + green clutch + orange gloves = perfect. 

Isn't patricia clarkson's dress just lovely? 

Want. This. Kitchen. 

Polka-dotted wallpaper! (Chris cooper is being angsty here.) 

isn't she beautiful? 

High-waisted pants. Want. 


feline friday: the eyes have it

So our church has a big event this weekend, and I'm going to be helping out with it. Fun, eh? I'm quite busy what with making sandwiches and cookies, and Mr. Cuddlepig is quite faithful at curling up somewhere nearby and looking cute and purry. Love!

what she wore on Thursday

It was cold and rainy yesterday, so it was a great day to bust out the tights. Lewis, well, we're fighting the good fight against fleas, and then everytime I nearly have things under control, he gets outside and gets reinfected. Wretched creature. 
vintage brown/black dress, black belt, brown vest, coral vintage slip: all thrifted
black shoes: marshalls
brown tights: walmart? target? can't remember now. But I like them. 


me and the amazing technicolor dreamboots

For some unknown reason I'm suddenly obsessed with color boots. Perhaps because I finally have a good pair of black, brown, and gray ones, and can afford to expand my horizons? Anyway, here are some of my current favorites.

Kenneth Cole Reaction, $163

KORS Michael Kors, $395

Seychelles, $184

United Colors of Benneton, price unknown

LAMB, $429

nursery ideas from someone with no children

So I currently have three good friends who are expecting, as well as, oh six or seven acquaintances, and I'm starting to fall behind on the gift knitting. But anyway, where two of the three know what they're having, M has decided to be surprised by the baby's gender. This kind of got me thinking about preparing a nursery and how hard it is to create lovely--as opposed to precious or cute--children's rooms. So this post is full of my (probably highly impractical/over the top) ideas.

First off: sort of inspiration.

I rather love the gender-neutrality of this room, but as the husband in "Juno" points out, "Not many boys have a yellow room." So there's that. Also, I'm thinking M would like something a smidge more sophisticated. Anyway, there are a bunch of room ideas at Pottery Barn Kids. That's really the only place I found any nursery images.

Anyway, I decided to go with a very neutral color palette, thinking that it's probably going to change as the baby develops personality. Also, I wanted a room that could potentially transition into a child's bedroom without needing a complete overhaul.

I love this wallpaper, and I think putting it in a kids room would make it easy for them to pretend they lived in an enchanted forest. From Cole and Son.

I think the next major purchase is the crib, right? Well, this one is from Pottery Barn, and costs about $1000, but here's the awesome bit: it transitions into a toddler bed that could totally double for a loveseat/benchy thing once outgrown by the child. Seriously! Check it out.

And then you need sheets, right? I found this set on etsy, and I love the black/white/yellow colors, but I'm not completely sold on it. I personally would probably end up going with straight-up white so that stains could be bleached out without fading.

And then there's this: my single favorite item that I've found:

Okay, so it's from Anthro, so it costs a small fortune, but I think maybe totally worth it? (May I add as an aside that my children will not be lulled to sleep with Baby Disney character bobbing about their heads? Or any other licensed characters, for that matter.)

You need a rug, right? To deaden noise when you're creeping out after FINALLY get the child to sleep. I chose this simple graphic one from Urban Outfitters. I thought about a zebra rug, but decided that might be a tiny bit over the top.

Okay, then there's the other big ticket purchase: a rocking chair. Being the second of five, I know the importance of this item, and also knew what I was looking for: something streamlined, clean, and comfortable. I would prefer a tall back, so you can lean your head back and doze off at midnight feedings, but this is what I found:

This an actual mid-century modern piece, and perhaps surprisingly, the cheapest, at $500. The back is maybe not as high as I would like, but it does look comfy, and how awesome would it be to own a piece of vintage furniture?

This one is from Design Within Reach, and rings up at $500 as well. I like the height of the back, and I like that it folds up to be very portable. My favorite, I think, despite the uncomfortable-looking arms.

Okay, this does look super-comfy and awesome for reading stories in when the baby gets older. But $900 of comfy? Also fabric that's going to be hard to clean? I don't think so.

Since DWR won (in my mind) I think you need to throw in a couple of pillows for the back/arms/etc. How about these?

Both from CouchDesign.

Ok, now we get to the really fun part: artwork. M & I are both huge children's book enthusiasts, so I think there has to be at least one of these:

From Allposters.

And then, everyone needs a blue giraffe on the wall.

Or perhaps a pair of befuddled bears.

Or a friendly-looking platypus named Paco.

Or maybe a pair of friends walking under an umbrella.

And now I'm sure I've forgotten all sorts of important baby things, but my brain is starting to shrivel. M, feel loved.


I wish I could claim these photos

All by betsyo.

wednesday wonderfulness, volume 9

I'm sorry posting has been so sporadic of late. I've actually numerous projects I want to share pictures of, but since we've gone over on bandwidth use by at least $100 for the past two months, I'm trying to be sparing with my blog reading, etc. We're switching providers tomorrow, though, so expect an outpouring. 


lovely things to hang on the walls

All of these are from 20x200, and if you've never browsed through that site, do it. It will inspire you to create, take pictures, and reconsider.


you know you love me! Monday morning inspiration

Stills from the first two episodes of Gossip Girl, Season One.

I love the way they personalize their uniforms. 

This is, of course, my favorite. 

Layered, pastel, popped-collar polos with a perfectly fitted jacket. PERFECT. 

Um, I want his pajamas? 

Love. This. Hair.

Okay, isn't this a fabulous look on Mrs. VanDerWoodsen? 

Cute undies! 

I love the way his white tie adds a fresh look. Also notice the tie bar. You can't have a fat neck to wear that look. 

So Edie. I love the patterned tights--it takes the look out of Sienna Miller and into the upper East Side.