wednesday wonderfulness

Um, so here we go. No discernible theme here. 
ok, I'm sleepy, and have miles to edit before I sleep. Enjoy! 


what she wore on sunday

I picked up this super-amazing hat while I was in Ohio last week, and wanted to wear it on Sunday. The only thing I own in navy blue is this dress, so the dress it was. I felt like a bit of a period piece, but it worked. Well, until someone told me that the back seam on my skirt was split. Oh, the joys of vintage fabrics!

portrait of a (not quite) lady
hat: antique store
dress: thrifted
shoes: tahari
bangle: vintage store

attempts at self-portraiture

meet chesterton

The newest (and most certainly softest) member of our menagerie. He's still getting used to us, but he's quite curious.

bunny kisses
the small and curious bunny
meet chesterton

review: mad 4 mod vintage

So you know how last week I was in Ohio with my in-laws while E took her cosmetology exam? Well, I made good use of my time; on Thursday I drove into downtown Columbus and explored some of the vintage and antique stores. May I just say: this town is a vintage shopper's dream. So many excellent (and reasonably priced) pieces! Anyway, of the stores that I stopped at, Mad 4 Mod Vintage was my favorite. It was clean, very well-organized, and the staff was amaaaazing. (Thanks, Teresa and Lara!) I ended up walking out with a vintage swimsuit--who would have thought I would a) find one that fit or b) pay $25 for it? But so worth it.
I'm going to warn you: this place is not cheap. But the prices are all very fair, and since things are arranged by style and then color, I don't begrudge them a cent. Next time you're in the middle of nowhere, ohio, check them out!

A whole wall of amazing dresses.

This is the purse wall when you walk in the door. Drool-worthy.


Those red shoes? WANT THEM. Sadly they were size TINY.

Vintage bowling shoes!

Those are all leather. Vintage leather in a rainbow of colors: the possibilities are INFINITE.

Almost bought a panama for le husband.

They sell vintage furniture next door, and I want it all. So gorgeous.


what I'm feeling for this spring

maxidresses. I have a few vintage ones that I plan on wearing with flat sandals. I think I also want to make a couple more. They're the ultimate comfort/cute outfit.

plaids. I love the super-ladylike michael kors styles here, but since he's not in my budget, I'm thinking some knee-length straight skirts and ballet flats sound delightful.

hats. Currently trying to figure out how to replicate the luella hats, and I'll let you know if I do. Otherwise I'm stocking up at the local vintage store.

In other news, I'm off to Ohio for the week, so there probably won't be much, if any, posting. Enjoy your week!


on cakes of birthday goodness

So here's the thing: my favorite ice cream in the WHOLE WORLD is coffee with raspberries. And obviously it's not something you can buy in stores, so I'll make it at home sometimes, but sometimes we go to Coldstone so I can get it. And I don't even LIKE Coldstone--their ice cream tastes like wax! But it's such a delicious combination (esp. with heath bars!) that once in a while I convince myself it's a good idea. (Never as good as a carton of Starbucks' Classic Coffee and a bag of frozen raspberries, though.)
So anyway, this is the cake that le husband made me for my birthday: layers of coffee ice cream with raspberries in between and some smushed reese's cups. So, so yummy. In fact, I may need to go eat a piece for breakfast RIGHT NOW.

This is a totally random aside that I thought about as I was uploading this photo: So on Saturday we did "Easter" with le husband's family, and we're in the kitchen dying eggs, and someone held out an egg and I snapped a photo. In available light. With a very wide aperture. And my FIL is standing there and he says, "Heh. There's no way that came out." And I sort of looked at him with a very befuddled expression and did NOT say "Excuse me sir, but taking pictures is what I am paid to do. I think I can figure out how to expose an egg." To quote him: heh. (Seriously! He said that! Who says "heh"???)
On a more logical note, last night I went out to celebrate my birthday with my sisters, and it was most lovely, despite the fact that we apparently have "give us bad BAD service" tattooed on our foreheads. We checked out a tapas place we've been wanting to try, and their happy hour special was $3 cosmos. So scrumptious. (Bekah, we shall have to go next time you're in town.) And then we hit a wine bar. But one sister gave me amazing chopsticks for when I make sushi, and the other found the perfect champagne glasses. And now I need to have a sushi and champagne party. Who's in? 


wednesday wonderfulness, birthday edition!

Well, yesterday was my birthday, and I had all my links collected, but in the evening I got busy celebrating with le husband and ran out of time to post. Also working on a super-secret project for Joleen (wee!). So here you are! Don't worry, I'll have a couple of birthday pictures soon. 
As to the birthday, I am now 28. OLD! Well, not really. But it sounds old. Fact: I am looking forward to my 30th. Another fact: I'm really looking forward to being actually old, because then I'll have an excuse to act it. If you know me IRL, you know I'm an 88 year old woman trapped in a 28 year old body. One day maybe my body will catch up. :D


wednesday wonderfulness

Woooo! It's Easter week! Le husband's family is coming into town tonight, so the day is being spent cleaning the house and trying to pull everything together. But once they get here, the fun can commence. Excited!


the big reveal

Since I now know that it has been received, I can finally post pictures of the very first quilt that I managed to complete. I made it for le husband's cousin and his wife; they had their first baby at the end of January. The adorable new mum is a girl after my own heart--her baby shower was themed around books!--so I knew she'd get a kick out of pretty much anything handmade. 

I started the quilt before the baby was born, and got the concept from this blog post. I used material that I had on hand, and since we didn't know if it was going to be a boy or a girl, I started with the gray front fabric and red bubbly back fabric, figuring those colors would work for either gender. Then I found scraps of fabric to use for the bright colored squares. I just love the little pink nursery characters. The blue flowers and red print are bits of vintage fabric, and the yellow is just something I had on hand. 

About 1/3 of the way through the piecing of the quilt, my sewing machine went kaput. So I finished the piecing by hand. After I got the whole thing sewed together, my sister did the quilting while we watched the super bowl, and I took it up to my grandmother's, where she used the vintage boat print and showed me how to do the binding. 

So basically, this was very much a family affair. and now it's with another family member, and I'm actually looking forward to starting my next quilting project.

millinery goodness

For some inexplicable reason I've been searching for vintage millinery pieces today, (explanation perhaps forthcoming) and ran across these two bits of loveliness on ebay. Someone buy, please! (Click the image to go to the auction.)


oh dear

I feel an epic crash on the "not buying things" diet coming on. Watching this video made me want about 17 petticoats in different colors to wear all the time. Also want happy bubbly summery music. 


what I've been making

The stool is one I've had for a while, and when going through a box of UFOs I found an attempt I had made to crochet a rug, which happened to be the exact same size as the top of the stool. So a few rounds later we have a colorful stool!

This one was supposed to be the Best Friend Cardi from Twinkle's Big City Knits, but I'm not entirely sure I want to add the sleeves. It's so cute as is! Also: have not yet found the right buttons. So, yes, I'm wearing it buttonless.


things I love Thursday

I know GalaDarling usually does a post like this, among others, and I don't like to copy, but there are so many tiny things I'm happy about right now that I had to share somewhere!

Charm Blow-Pops. My favorite of these are the watermelon flavor, but I'll eat any of them, as long as they're not grape. I love the bubblegum middles, and normally I hate bubblegum!
Networking with local creatives. I got a job yesterday through a guy I met in the drive-through at Starbucks. Woot! 
Spring. Warmer weather is finally approaching, and you don't KNOW how happy that makes me. I'm definitely a more alive person when it's warm. 
Dreams coming true. A good friend of mine is finally able to move to Costa Rica to teach English. I'm going to miss her terribly, but I'm so happy for her it's not even funny. 
beks. she's my new favorite blog, and I'm so glad she's posting fairly regularly. I love her dry, subtle wit and perfect eye. 
honorable mentions: ice cream cake, fuzzy slippers, Jason Segal, crocheting, finishing projects, chicken curry, movie marathons, free weekends, cherry blossom festival, good friends getting engaged, jalepeno cornbread, hot pink cardis, sister time, my blackberry, high heels. 

life is, as always, good. 

these are for porkchop

She's thinking about chopping her hair, and I think this would look super-cute on her.
::I just threw this one in for eyecandy::

::styled curly::

::the straight version::

edited to add: these are from the first season of Gossip Girl, and Lauryl, if you're not watching it, its GORGEOUS. Complete fluff, but beautiful fluff. With lovely shoes.


wednesday wonderfulness

Bet you thought I forgot! Well, nearly. It's been a bit of a week so far, but that doesn't mean the interwebs stop producing loveliness for your enjoyment. 
In other news, I'm practicing making an ice cream cake for the husband's birthday, and if it turns out well I'll share the recipe. Also: I have pictures to post of M's baby present as soon as I know it arrived.