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a lovely day

revolt against the snowman sweaters

instead of one, many

and then there was the time we decorated the tree

an explanation/apology

since I'll be away from my desk most of the day

Thanksgiving, the report

and now that Thanksgiving is passed, the holiday season is here and I can post Christmas stuff with a right good will

vogue patterns I just bought for $4 each

quick, before I forget

there's a reason I haven't bought one single thing from fredflare

today I love

lacey goodness

I'm sorry that I seem slightly obsessed with Thanksgiving right now

on to the next thing!


quick clicks

even the best of us are boring sometimes!

cast on

only the most perfect wallpaper ever

and so life continues

three things, quickly

I'd rather be laughed at than ignored. I think.

for the hostess with the mostest


my new favorite dress, I think

not all Christmas, all the time. Just about 90% of it

aaaand the world can now stop spinning

the benefit of attending inservice training: you have lots of time to knit

because all these pictures are getting boring

we had inservice training yesterday!

a slightly bipolar mix of vintage and earthchild

seeing red for under $30

what I wore on Friday

now reading

enthralling me

things that intrigue me

the Thanksgiving menu is finally decided, I think

more photography

way up north where the icebergs grow