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busting out of my shell

the great wedding dress hunt

pretty yummy

I love. these. shoes.

today I love

best. quote. ever.

attack of the mom jeans

little bits of things

this weekend I


awesome on so many levels

summer is the time for dresses

happy summer!

as if I needed more ideas for things I'd like to sew

::pretty things::

my new favorite dress

mad mad love

my teeth are aching as I type this

jewelry with a conscience

hither, thither, and yon

the addiction of lists

ebay finds currently under $10

the french totally know how to do it

showing family pride

two more entries in the great ice cream project

living in technicolor

next installment in the ice cream project

the thrifty queen strikes again

this is making me want to create things instead of pack!

since I knew he was coming I totally baked made a cake

it's a craft off!

and the spring clearance has begun

worth figuring out how to make

definitive proof that I am turning into my mother

summertime and the living is easy

I hope my swap partner doesn't read this

I must be a shallow person

the next attempt at ice-cream making

a bittersweet moment