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I want a lovely parasol of my very very own

random bits of goodness

bring some comfort to others

she can bake a cherry brownie, charming billy!

don't tell my husband, but I don't think you can ever have too many books

just in case you don't already have too many feeds to read

not exactly twiddling my thumbs

why all the talk of curtains came to a screeching halt

things I want to do, but won't, at least for a little while

if you didn't want to go to paris already


so do you think I've gone a little too crazy on the yellow thing?

why I've been slightly absent on the blogging front

my lime-n-violet swap package arrived!

a girl can dream

a scrounge of gorgeousness

almost makes doing the dishes fun


is it totally bizarre to covet an old woman's apartment?

things I did this weekend that didn't get properly photographed

sharing the love

found while looking for something for someone else, I promise

when you're short on inspiration, may I suggest the public library?

I bought art for the new house!

when the longing for spring gets to be too much, I look at pretty pictures

more on the curtain thing

that giftgiving time of year, baby edition

the results of the craftiness over the weekend

in search of wise advice

to do

another bit of inspiration

I was a crafty diva this weekend

my head is exploding with the awesomeness of it all

memories of warm days past

all the pretty colors

pictures that make me happy today

the rewards of poking around

early childhood fashion inspiration

first package in the new house!