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what she wore on Sunday

quick picks for the weekend

a new favorite thing

summer sale loveliness!

stock up for Christmas?

perfect for the vintage librarian

espresso cups

she can bake a cherry pie, charming billy

I think this might be turning into a shoe blog

shoe steal of the week

patterns I reallyreally want to sew before this fall

what she wore on Sunday


worth reading

like threadless, only cheaper

bargain for today

worth a click

lovely asian pieces

songs for a summer evening

finally went to see "the devil wears prada!"

notice quickly!

I call this "the circus dress"

more with the pants under dress effect

the important things in life

this is how you make a strapless dress church-approved, and thereby justify the ridiculously high purchase price

shoot me now

spoils of war!

lovely linkishness

in honor of her day of birth

two reasons I wish I were a better/faster/more creative knitter than I am

happy fourth of july!

culinary cliff's notes

so what happens when the holiday picnics get rained out?

spoils of war!

a midsummer night's dream