adding to the inspiration pile

All the latest fuss notwithstanding, I intend to stay with Instagram. Fact: if you are using a free service via a free app, you can assume that YOU are the product. That is all. That's the tradeoff you make. (Hello, facebook!) Anyway, there are a few people I've been following lately that I LOVE. No, really. Inspiration overload. Check out:

  • karlareed. Thrifting extraordinaire and preppy queen. 
  • kankl. Artist, creative, individual. 
  • nanoushoes. Your daily dose of show love. 
Enjoy, lovelies! 


:: nine months ::

Dear Lincoln: Today marks nine months of you being here, outside my body. I suppose most wouldn't consider that a huge milestone, but to me it is somehow. Because now you've been outside as long as you were inside, and when I think about how much you've learned in that time, my mind just boggles. I've been terrible when it comes to writing letters and tracking milestones. This one felt important, though, because this has been a really big month for you. So many firsts: you finally got teeth, and now have three. You finally started army crawling, then pulled yourself up, then started real crawling, and then started pulling yourself along furniture. You said your first real word: "hi" followed quickly by "dodgy" (doggie) and "dada." No sign yet of "mama." You got your first real haircut. Currently your favorite thing in the world is water. If it's wet, you want to splash in it. We've managed to hide the dog bowls from you, but as soon as we're at someone else's house, you make a beeline. Even a glass of water is fair game for splashing, as you stick your fat little fist into the glass and try to make the water jump out. You also love jumping in your jumpy frog thing. Now that you've figured out how your legs work, jumping is just the best thing ever. You will literally stay in that thing for an hour at a time, jumping and singing and sometimes just swinging. You sing and talk all the time now, babbling and chattering to yourself. I love to listen to you as I drive along, just making happy noises. There's more I could say, Lincoln, so much more, but I have to be up early tomorrow so I won't, except for this one thing: nobody told me it would be this much fun. I know parenting is hard work, and maybe in a year or two I'll look back on these days and think how naive I was, but right now, this year, all I know is that I love it, love this, love tucking you in at night and seeing your smiles when you wake up in the morning. I love your giggles when daddy tickles you, your poochy lip when you're mad at me, and the way you stuff toast into your mouth and eat everything in sight. I don't even remember being exhausted when you were little—I might have been, who knows—because right now, this? This is amazing. I love you, little man.


May your phone be merry and bright

Well, I guess posting once a month is a thing, right? Sorry I've been so absent: I'm present on Instagram, I promise! Much Christmas wonder happeneing around here; I'll try to get pictures up soon. In the meantime, I needed some holiday wallpaper for my iPhone, and ended up getting a little out of control. So...enjoy! (They are sized for iPhone 5, so if you have a 4 they'll be a little big. But they will work, of course.) To download, click on the file name and then save the image to your device. 
1. Christmas tree green
2. Christmas tree red
3. Green and white stripes
4. Green on green stripes.

5. Holly leaves green
6. Holly leaves pink
7. Holly leaves red
8. Winter branches


Wednesday wonderfulness, say what?

It's me! I have pretties!

So, where I've been. Photographing weddings (the usual) as well as some lovely fashions. Making deer meatloaf. (I think I need to share the recipe. Legitimate yumminess.) Making that sock monkey costume for the Munchkin. Knitting. (!!!!) Planning the Christmas stocking situation. Getting excited about Thanksgiving. (Hooray for stuffing!) Wasting time on Pinterest. Things I have not been doing: running. Watching what I eat. Working out. 


Happy Halloween, lovelies!

Here's hoping your holiday will be as full of awesome sock monkeys as mine is.


getting organized

I saw this idea somewhere, and I thought it was the best idea ever. Now I understand that some of you keep very clean desktops. I try but if it's not on the desktop I tend to forget about it. So I'm getting it organized! (Yes, I have that many hard drives. I have externals for backup and they're partitioned and such.) 
Anyway, if you want the PSD to turn it into your own special one, just shoot me an email: laura AT lauradye DOT com.


Sunday funday

Brunch with friends? Yes please. Hooray for shrimp and grits!


wednesday wonderfulness, the "I really meant to post this last night but I forgot" edition

You know how it goes: the Munchkin accidentally falls asleep on your lap, so you start watching upstairs/downstairs so make SURE he's asleep, and before you know it, you're zoned out on the couch, drooling, with a blanket of pugs.
Oh, wait. You don't do that? Then I'm just kidding.
Anyway. I've rounded up some stuff that actually reaches back quite a while, and no, I'm still not caught up on my feeds, so this could take a while. In the meantime, enjoy!


so my "look" has changed a little

I have to admit: I thought I would be one of those whose style doesn't change post-baby. I just had to wait until I could fit into pre-preggo jeans, right? And after all, I wore stillettos right up until the baby was born. Being pregnant is the hard part, right????

Excuse me while I wipe tears of laughter from my eyes.

See, I forgot to factor in The Breastfeeding. Fun fact: dressing the pregnant bump is WAY WAY easier than dressing a pair of abnormally large boobs that have to be accessible at any moment. (No, I am not into the whole "hiding in the bathroom to feed my child" thing. Nor do I own a 'hooter hider,' breast-feeding cape, or any of that nonsense.) So cute vintage dresses? Out. Artfully layered and belted outfits? Gone.

And then there's the whole "wrangling 20 pounds of wiggly baby-ness" thing. Long, layered necklaces? Those get yanked on. Stacks of colorful enamel bangles? They wake him up when I'm trying to transfer him from car seat to crib. Long earrings are an accident waiting to happen.

Instead, I find myself constantly reaching for my skinny jeans and brighly colored sweaters. So if I had an unlimited budget, this is what I'd buy this fall. As it is? You can bet I'll be scouring the Goodwill for pieces like these.

not a single mom jean


what I'm listening to this week

What? You're shocked that I'm back? So am I, frankly. But life just got majorly simplified (yay!) so hopefully I'll be popping in now and then. For now, however, feast your ears on some loveliness. You must watch this, even if you don't watch anything else: If I spend thousands of dollars on violin lessons and my child plays like that, I'll be satisfied.


in which I'm still alive, but barely

Also known as my monthly post. Because I seem to spend all my time and energy feeding this gigantic munchkin:
::lincoln times three::
He's thriving, obviously. I'm surviving, almost. It's not him that's overwhelming, it's him plus everything else (two jobs and a photography business). Some changes are coming down the pike, however. I can't continue at this rate.
Being a mom, however, is pretty much the best thing ever. Can't believe how much I genuinely love chilling with my little man. If you'd told me a year ago that I would just sit and talk to a tiny person who doesn't have teeth and can only squeal, I'd have thought you crazy.
And yet. here we are.
However. This isn't turning into a mommy blog, I promise! Only sometimes.
A couple of things I want to share. First off, I can't seem to stop listening to this song:

Second, I've gotten hooked on the styling challenge put together by this style duo. The August prompts are below, and I've downloaded the image to my phone just as a way to spark ideas when I'm getting dressed every morning.
Let me know if you decide to play along!


potential TMI: the birth story of Lincoln

This is long and fairly graphic; consider yourself warned. (I typed it out to include in Lincoln's scrapbook.) But if you're into natural childbirth/considering it, I'll share it here. Click to read the actual story after the jump.


where I've been, sort of

So I was reminded today that I have not updated the old blog in a while, and although most people who bother to follow are my friends on facebook, there are some who aren't. Which means they haven't seen the COPIOUS AMOUNT of photos that I've taken and posted of my (now professionally posing) son. Can't believe he's now three-and-a-half months old! On the one hand it seems like it was just yesterday I was pregnant; on the other it feels like his decided little personality has always been around.
Where have I been? I flipped through my very brief posting apres-bebe, and realized I never updated you all. I'm still working at Starbucks (their health care is amazing!) and I ended up going back to the paper after all, just cause I love it. And then I shot my first wedding of the year a few weeks ago. (You've no idea how glad I am that I had a pretty much empty spring. Getting that edited/delivered has KILLED me.)
Working moms, if you have any suggestions on how to keep from losing my mind? Please pass them along.
So. Pictures.

::with his grandpa::
This is Linc with my dad. Although we claim this child looks exactly like my husband (and he does), there are expressions he makes that are JUST LIKE MY FATHER. It's crazy. And Grandpa Sam is absolutely smitten. This isn't his first grandson, but it's the first one he's been given unlimited access to. 

::three months old::
So the eyes? All mine. The hair? Both of us. 

::three months old::
I love his smile. So much. He learned about three days ago that he has a voice, so we've heard ceaseless crowing and squawking since then. It's amazing. 

::all of us::
All three of us together in Ohio, taken a couple of weeks ago. Linc isn't terribly interested in the camera, but since we matched we had to snatch an image. 

That's it for now, lovelies. 


wednesday wonderfulness, the "try not to talk about diapers" edition

So...yeah. Started back to work last week. At one of the jobs. The other one doesn't kick in until Monday. Still juggling all that. Ok, on to the good stuff.


on editing

I have some professional headshots to deliver this week, so I've been using photoshop a lot. And I have two things to say.
1) People, wear sunscreen. A tan may be attractive, but it will leave damage. And no one knows just how much like your retoucher.
2) I've learned the REALLY EASY way to get rid of under-eye circles/bags/nonsense. I used to use the heal tool, but that tends to look overdone and leave a hard line. Now I use a paintbrush, dropped to about 30%, and pull the color from the lightest part of the skin around the eye. Then just brush on paint until things look smooth. Easy peasy!


my life through instagram

Let's all just pause for a moment and be happy that instagram is now available for Droid!


Ok, to proceed. Here are my favorite snaps over the past couple of weeks.

This is the epic-ly awesome hat L wore home from the hospital; it now fits!

I have this theory that the pugs can babysit. So far not so much.

We've had some gorgeous weather here lately.

Teach le bebe to be a nerd. You know. As one does.

One month old!

We celebrated my birthday with raspberry napoleons! SO YUMMY.

I've been doing a lot of line-drying lately with all this beautiful sun.

We've been having tummy time outside.

We got passports today! (We're going to Costa Rica for a friend's wedding this summer. So excited!)


wednesday wonderfulness

Yoiks! Has it already been another week? Craziness, I say.


in which I attempt to reclaim my pre-baby outfit mojo

I'm pretty fortunate that I seem to have shed most of my baby weight so far (not sure of the exact number, though: I don't own a scale). There is, however, a decided belly pudge. Since I've always had a fairly flat stomach without noticeable effort on my part, this has caused me to rethink some of my outfits. However, I'm slowly getting back in the swing of things. The key, I think, lies in the shoes. As long as I'm wearing heels I could get away with yoga pants, should I want to. But no worries, I won't be testing that theory any time soon.
Dress: from the Gap, but it was a hand-me-down from my sister. (It's nursing-friendly, too! Woot!)
Wedges/earrings: Target

I definitely need to add some jewelry of some sort to this look, but baby steps, ok?


wednesday wonderfulness

So...good thing I don't depend on income from this blog. Because, well, it would be starving to death right now. Even my internet surfing has gone down, because I've been reading instead. While I still can, you know? But I do have a few things...
Ok, that's all for now.


three weeks and two days old

three weeks, two days


In a surprising (to me at least) twist, having a newborn means I'm getting much MORE reading and watching done. Breastfeeding will do that, apparently.
Currently reading: 11/22/63. I've never read a Stephen King novel before, because I don't like scary. However, I now see why he's so popular: he's a very compelling writer! I'm LOVING this.
Just finished reading: Toujours Provence. This was a re-read, pulled off the shelf when I hadn't yet made it to the library. I do love the writing of Peter Mayle.

My Week with Marilyn. Beautiful. Michelle Williams is breathtaking, and Judi Dench is charming.
Martha Marcy May Marlene. Creepy and intriguing.
The Muppets. I'd never seen a Muppets movie before! Definitely enjoyed, now I want to watch more.

I'm not really listening to anything particularly interesting. Lincoln loves Les Miserables, though.


wednesday wonderfulness, the "I should probably be doing something profitable" edition

However, since I do have time to surf the internet on my iPad while feeding, I have a few links of goodness.
For now that's all..well, except for this: my little squeaky man.

Lincoln at two weeks

He's 16 days old now! And he's starting to look a little more like me.


announcing lincoln everett

::born 3.12.12::
::8 pounds, five ounces, 21 inches long::
::I'll be back soon, I promise.::


mostly pugs

This is my husband, wearing a sport coat and driving his front end loader. (You can't see it, but he's also wearing driving mocs.)

These are the pugs supervising. They make good supervisors.

This is Bernadette soaking up warm sun and looking adorable.

This is Bernadette, still looking adorable, but intrigued by the camera.

That is all.

six degrees of weird

So you know how Facebook suggests "people you may know"? Well, a name popped up today, I had no idea who it was, but I had four mutual friends so I thought that might provide a clue.
Welp. Now I'm just weirded out. I typed in labels--you have to realize that these people all live literally miles apart. And for someone to be friends with somebody from both my mom AND dad's sides of the family? STRANGE.

Anyway. Still no idea who this is.


wednesday wonderfulness, not in labor yet!

Although I certainly wish I was! But pregnancy insomnia has given me a bit more online time lately, and you all get to reap the dubious benefits. Enjoy!
That should give you plenty to read for a while.


spring is coming

Yesterday it was ridiculously warm here. And this is what it felt like: golden and glowing.


wednesday wonderfulness

It's been...a week. Only three weeks until my due date, and I feel about to burst. No, I'm not worried about childbirth. I just want the baby to BE HERE. Anyway, I have found a few good things. (Mostly as I'm surfing the internet on my ipad as I battle pregnancy insomnia.)
I know, not much here. But that's all for now.


also: app that will make your life easier

No, really. I'm obsessed with Grocery IQ. I loaded it on my iPad, use that as I walk around the kitchen building a list, or add stuff as I think of it. Then when I go to the store I sync it to my Driod and it's all organized by aisle. So. Freaking. Fast.

It's a free download, so it's so worth trying.

how to make a pug look like a valentine

So I meant to have this (very unsatisfactory) tutorial up for Valentine's Day, but it just didn't happen. So here you go.
Ok, this sweater is for Snorty, and he has a GIANT NECK. I just wanted to use the actual turtleneck of the sweater, so the entire process of making it involves pulling the sweater on inside out, pinning it, removing, cutting, and trying on again. Fortunately he is a very patient dog. As you can see from image number two, for some reason I decided to put the seams in the back. Not sure why I did that. but it worked out ok. I left a bit of a curved yoke in the back. to which I attached everything. The (almost) finished product is the last image.

Voila! This is what it looked like complete. I just hand stitched on a heart, just like with my sweater, and it really disguised the seams. As for Bernie's sweater, well, that's a whole different thing, and I am not completely happy with how it turned out, so I'll save the tutorial on that one.
There you go! Doggie sweaters from upcycled materials.


how to: make a valentine's day sweater

I've been obsessed with this sweater ever since I saw it on Oh Joy. Unfortunately, at $168 it's a little out of my budget. Then I saw this tutorial and I realized: with Valentine's Day coming up, I have a perfect excuse to make a sweater with a giant heart. (And then I went a little crazy and made matching ones for my dogs. But that's another story.) Anyway, I decided I wanted to make something that would at least sort of fit now, and hopefully will be loose and tunic-y post baby.

So first I went to goodwill and stocked up on sweaters. The one on the left is the one I wanted modify; it's a cashmere-silk blend mens sweater. The other two were the ones I wanted to use to make the dog sweaters/applique. I felted them really lightly to make them a little easier to handle. Key when choosing your sweaters: make sure they're natural fibers, and if you're planning to felt them, make sure they're something that will. (Hint: cotton frays easily. Don't use that for the modified sweater.)

First step: make the men's sweater slightly more feminine. I laid it flat and cut the sleeves at 3/4 length, removed the band at the bottom, and made the top into a boat neck.

Step two: finish the sleeve edges. I used the ribbon that I had on hand, which happened to be this awesome polka-dotted stuff. I sewed it on flat, with a running stitch, first, then turned it under and whipstitched it in place. And then I added a very fine row of top-stitching near the edge to keep things smooth (not shown). I didn't do this on the neckline or bottom, because I wanted it to have a little bit of a looser feel. I may rethink that plan, though.

For the applique, I just cut a heart out of the lightly felted sweater. I lay the whole thing flat and smoothed it into place, then started stitching with a running stitch.

Rather than trying to pin it in place, I just kept it all flat on the floor and rotated the whole sweater as I sewed. (I can see this being tricky if you have carpeted floors, though.) Make sure you only go through the top layer!

Voila! Heart sweater. I am pretty happy with how it came out. Would love if it were a little longer, but will totally compromise on that because it's so SOFT. (Decidedly softer than some of the others I was looking at.)


And yes, I will so totally wear this post Valentine's Day. Everyone needs more hearts in their life!


thursday puglove

I call this one "the secret."

wednesday wonderfulness, a day late AGAIN

It's been a bit of a crazy week; long hours at job #1 plus inability to concentrate at job #2 caused (I think) by the fatigue that comes from low iron and...yeah. Anyway, no internet times for me! Until this morning, which time I am also using to catch up on emails, etc. So. Things I'm loving.
Finally, listen at LEAST until 1:35. I promise. Beautiful.


watching on a monday

A friend sent me this video, and I kind of really love it. Leadership lessons as learned from a crazy shirtless dancing guy.


in which I attempt to take dog portraits

Recently I was exposed to the 1000 pugs project, and let me just say that if she were coming ANYWHERE near me, I'd sign up my puppies in a heartbeat. As it is, today I attempted to take a few pictures of my own. OH MY WORD. I think I need to learn how to diplomatically deploy treats. Because right now? This is the best I can do. And she's adorable, but that's one out of 40 or so. Here's hoping I'm better at baby photography...
::more pug love::



bumpwatch 2012: week 33

Can't quite believe I only have seven weeks left. This weekend's project is some serious rearranging to make room for the crib. Just want the little person to arrive!


wednesday wonderfulness

Well, I've seen a *few* cool things this week.
Can't seem to focus this week...too much up in the air, yet to be done...


today I'm obsessing over

::potential nursery ideas::
::paint colors::
::crock pot recipies::

Is there big news on the horizon? Maybe.



Bernie is just ridiculously cute, that's all.

Going to be le bebe's quilt.

Meyer Lemon marmalade. Is good I think.

I made tiramisu for the first time...it turned out DELICIOUS.