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adding to the inspiration pile

:: nine months ::

wednesday wonderfulness, back in black

May your phone be merry and bright

Wednesday wonderfulness, say what?

Happy Halloween, lovelies!

getting organized

Sunday funday

wednesday wonderfulness, the "I really meant to post this last night but I forgot" edition

so my "look" has changed a little

in case you weren't already wasting enough time on pinterest

what I'm listening to this week

in which I'm still alive, but barely

potential TMI: the birth story of Lincoln

where I've been, sort of

wednesday wonderfulness, what UP??

wednesday wonderfulness, the "try not to talk about diapers" edition

on editing

my life through instagram

wednesday wonderfulness

in which I attempt to reclaim my pre-baby outfit mojo

wednesday wonderfulness

three weeks and two days old


wednesday wonderfulness, the "I should probably be doing something profitable" edition

announcing lincoln everett

mostly pugs

six degrees of weird

can't stop listening

wednesday wonderfulness, not in labor yet!

spring is coming

wednesday wonderfulness

also: app that will make your life easier

how to make a pug look like a valentine

how to: make a valentine's day sweater

thursday puglove

wednesday wonderfulness, a day late AGAIN

watching on a monday

this is the face she makes when I tell her to come inside

in which I attempt to take dog portraits

beware the curly tongue, my friend

bumpwatch 2012: week 33

wednesday wonderfulness

today I'm obsessing over