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the perfect shade of pink

definite proof that I am an eighty-five-year-old trapped in a twenty-six-year-old body

wishing one could peel wallpaper off the walls

fashion tips with Carrie B.

inspiring me

I might be embarrassed over buying two pairs of shoes over the weekend

fun things

more pretty pictures

random photo that has been sitting on my desktop

back with a not-quite-bang

full of helpfulness (if you need help wasting time, that is)

much too tired for a real post

how to while away a Friday afternoon

very worth a look

add interest to your tshirt collection

very adorable with tights, don't you think?

one more day for the giveaway!

ok, three more things

two links and one apology

sale items that are taunting me

three interesting things

you actually might not want to know this

tasty yumness

what to wear on a friday night date



apparently I am my mother's daughter

massive amounts of inspiration

debating with myself

well I thought it was interesting

I want

am loving

roy g biv

gorgeous hair

Grandma's birthday gift

little bits of goodness

lots of jolly goodness

I want a cape