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wednesday wonderfulness, the occasional edition

Big news, ridiculously late


mom style when you're no longer nursing

How to get lots and lots of veggies into your family the easy way

what I'm wearing

wednesday wonderfulness


fun things to watch on a Friday

om nom muffins!

wednesday wonderfulness

sure to make you smile

wednesday wonderfulness

Watch this. No, really.

things I love: the printed pant

things I love: bright colors

wednesday wonderfulness, miracle of life edition

things I love: the printed pump

Wednesday Wonderfullness, non April Fools edition

an embarassing confession

Happy April!

quick picks

on street fashion

Happy Monday, lovelies!

Happy birthday, Munchkin!

what we're eating: the soup that made my husband like soup

things I love, volume 2


wednesday wonderfulness

wednesday wonderfulness

things I love, vol. 1

two things that just made my Monday exponentially better

::11 months::

wednesday wonderfulness, short and sweet

Happy monday!

recipe reviews

wednesday wonderfulness

what we're eating: miso soup

wednesday wonderfulness

10 instagram accounts you should definitely be following

wednesday wonderfulness

good morning Monday!

goals for 2013