sure to make you smile

I know I've posted about instagram before, but honestly, if I need a smile? I scroll through my feed. I'm constantly coming across images that make me laugh or pause because of their beauty. Here are a few of my favorites.
  • talkstephen is a cat. A very fat cat with round ears. 
  • jenn_hong is a graphic designer based in brooklyn.
  • bhldn is, of course, the store. BUT OH MY GOODNESS. So much pretty. 
  • samellisphoto is a local photographer who hasn't been active long, but his stuff makes me smile. 
 I think my favorite thing about instagram is that, at least with all the people I follow, original content. There are no retweets or shared pages: it's a peek inside these lives. I love that.


wednesday wonderfulness


Watch this. No, really.

It's one take. And it's amazing, besides being a gorgeous song (despite the title).


things I love: the printed pant

My current mommy uniform has gotten super-boring these days, in part because the more layers you wear, the more things get dirty and have to be washed when a small person gets banana or boogers everywhere. So rather than adding interest with cute cardis or lovely scarves, I just add all the color I can in my basic pieces. Enter printed pants, preferably cropped, with flat sandals. Add a brightly colored sweater and I'm DONE.

one | two | three | four


things I love: bright colors

I just love adding a pop of bright color, whether it's to my outfit or my morning.

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wednesday wonderfulness, miracle of life edition

This weekend I was the birth photographer/partner for a dear friend of mine, and OH MY GOODNESS. Lack of sleep has been kicking my bootay! But it was amazing to be present for such a thing, and I'm so glad the little man is safely here. (The delivery ended in a csection, so, you know, no bloody smeary baby pics.) Anyway, despite all that I was able to waste some time online this week, and here are the results.
And monkey just woke up and since his crib is right next to my desk, I'd better remove myself as a distraction. 


things I love: the printed pump

I'm completely obsessed with a (mostly) ladylike pump made fresh with a pop of print.

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Wednesday Wonderfullness, non April Fools edition

Did you guys play any amazing April Fool's jokes on Monday? I so didn't. But that's ok. No joke, here is some awesomeness. (Ok, that was bad.)


an embarassing confession

Lovelies, surely I'm not the only one who has one area (ok, maybe more than one) that just cannot stay clean no matter what? For me it's my desk. Every time I have an item that I just don't have a place for, it gets thrown on my desk. After a few weeks of that it's literally all I can do to type at said desk, much less actually work and edit photos. Well, today was the day I had to pull together all my tax stuff (::sarcastic yay::) so I decided to go ahead and tackle the mess. Since, you know, I had to pull it all apart anyway. Well, I'm very proud of the change, even if it did take me a full two-and-a-half hours. I'm so proud, in fact, that I even made an animated gif!

This is my version of spring cleaning, and I have to admit that sitting down to edit photos when I can actually put down my water without spilling it makes working So Much Easier.
So what's the project you've been putting off? Make it happen!


Happy April!

I hope no one fell for any April fools tricks today; did you all see google nose? I loved it.
Anyway, wanted to share these two things really quickly: the April cleaning challenge and making things happen in April. Who's in?