I love lilacs

So being around for two blooming seasons (one at home, and now they're beginning here) has been heaven for me. I used to dream of having all my bridesmaids carry those wonderfully scented blooms...
So anyway, seeing the flowers about has inspired me to create a wallpaper in honor of them. Unfortunately I couldn't make it scratch and sniff, to transmit the lovely smell, but click here to download a folder containing all six colors. (Not many, I know, but I was running out of motivation.)

when sandwiches no longer cut it

My husband brown-bags to work every day, and with the onset of warm weather has commenced a fierce weight-reduction programme. In an effort to encourage him, I've started packing salads instead of sandwiches. However, I'm very particular about salads--they must contain some type of protein to make sure that he doesn't come home a ravening beast.
Flaked tuna, sliced grapes, and zesty italian dressing over red-leaf lettuce.
Shredded chicken (leftovers!), shredded cheese, thawed frozen peas (or fresh, if you have them), ranch dressing, romaine lettuce.
Fresh spinach, sliced onions, sliced oranges, garbanzos, raspberry vinagrette.
White navy beans (canned and rinsed), green onions, green-leaf lettuce, salsa. (VERY low-fat)

What are your ideas?


what to pack for a weekend trip

These flying trips home seem quite simple, but they're not, because we manage to pack multiple events, each requiring different clothes, into each day. So for this trip I stuck with a simple black-and-white plan, making everything match everything else.
Tops - 5
Black and white stripes
Sheer black sweater
Red Threadless tee
Black "endless love" wifebeater
Black shell-neck tee
White tee

Bottoms - 4
Full white skirt
Black vintage slip
Dark wash capris

Shoes - 3
Flat black sandals
Chunky black platform heels
Black retro sneakers

Wide black grosgrain ribbon (ties over everything)
Yellow-and-black daisy scarf
denim jacket

I don't know how many outfits I can make with this--it's seriously in the over-25 range. I should be ready for any circumstance.


sweet photos

Ran across Mona Brooks on flickr, and she has some lovely stuff. I especially love the three below: they're a series, and her lighting and outfits are exquisite.

crazy in love

So Mr. Man and I went shoe shopping today for my birthday. I had my heart set on wedge-heeled ankle-tie black espadrilles or sandals, something like these. After numerous stores and never finding exactly the perfect pair for exactly the perfect price, after I was tired and hungry and had developed a blister from my new birthday sandals, we ended up at Marshalls, where I walked out with a pair of black suede platform peep toe pumps, something like the green ones pictured in this article. I couldn't be happier. They have 5 1/2 inch heels, making walking an interesting proposition, but they also manage to make everything else look that much better.
So I don't have sandals, but I have heels for this fall instead. I can deal with that.


can't stop drinking

It's sweet and tangy at the same time, with a lovely strong flavor that makes Celestial Seasonings taste like stewed hay. Available at theTea.com or your local Starbucks.

weekly recap #3

reading: The Shape of Sand by Marjorie Eccles (I picked this up at the library, and it's very interesting. The writing style has me entirely hooked; I keep reading, trying to find the answers or forsee the next twist.)
wearing: my birthday gift sandals (very flat leather sole and black straps) and capris (It's finally spring! Hooray!)
listening: The Essential Johnny Cash
watching: Inside Man. Loved this. Clive Owen was excellent, as usual, and neither of us predicted the ending.


proof that I am easily swayed by good packaging, also that I have been influenced by the incomparable Queen of Slackers

I bought a TaB Energy Drink today, just because I liked the packaging. It's pink and plaid, and I'm totally going to use it either for a vase (stick a yellow daisy in it) or a pencil cup (in addition to my current vintage coffee mug). Pink and plaid. It doesn't get much better than that. Of course, it actually tasted liked cherry-flavored chewable vitaman C, but I hate energy drinks anyway, so I wasn't terribly disappointed.

Hey, QOS? Did you know there's a TaB fan blog? No. Seriously.


where I've been

listening to Squirrel Nut Zippers
taking senior pics
eating too much chocolate
debating starting an exercise programme
knitting the umbiblical hat from this book and designing cute booties to go with it? (Does anyone have a really adorable, really simple bootie pattern? I pulled mine out of my brain, using the directions for an auto heel from this book, but there has to be a simpler way.)
reading the wounded spirit


weekly recap #2

Sorry about the lack of updates this week. Suffice it to say that I shall try to remedy the situation and not let it happen again.
wearing: flirty white skirt acquired on clearance (Not this skirt exactly, but I can't find it on the site.)
watching: Walk The Line (again. Very, very good.)
reading: The Little Lady Agency (Funny, well-written characters. One of the best chick-lits I've picked up in some time.)
listening: Lang Lang playing Rachmaninov (Beautiful. Sometimes piano concertos are just the thing.)