more pictures, but still no internet

Yes, my husband has taken to calling the local cable company daily and "chatting" with them, but still no banana. I'm starting to wonder if even when we do get internet back I'll devote as much time to this blog; I discovered I get MUCH more done when I don't have hours of blog reading to distract me. Instead of reading about beautiful things, I am creating beautiful things. I'm planning a garden and flowerbeds, running again, and have twelve weddings booked for this year. And I'm loving this living life business instead of reading about others' lives.

Anyway, I did another shoot. Lauryl, I wish you had been able to do the flowers for this one; I just picked some lilacs off a bush and popped them in her hand. But it was all good.

the eyes have it


another update

I'm off today, and it's unspeakably luxurious to have a whole day stretching in front me, with another tomorrow to follow. Adding to the luxury, it's WARM! Finally. So here's a brief rundown on life right now.
  • I have two new shoots up on Flickr. An engagement shoot:
    the kiss that stole her heart
    And a family shoot:
  • We don't have internet at the house yet. They've been putting us off for two weeks now, and were supposed to install yesterday, but the guy in charge said something isn't ready. So, not much posting. I'm also completely behind on my blog reads.
  • On the bright side, I'm doing a LOT of reading. It's lovely. Currently I'm very absorbed in Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver. It's a beautiful piece of food writing, which I adore, and is pushing me closer and closet to actually having a garden. I also recently read Beginner's Greek and it's a lovely picture of the tangled confusion of love.
  • We replaced the 1986 Buick Skylark with a Jeep Wrangler. I'm thrilled, because I've wanted a jeep since I was 13.
  • When we do get internet, I want to catch up on The Shot and Gossip Girl. I've only watched the first episode of each, and I know the seasons are finished, but the clothes in GG ARE amazing (I recently bought a vintage morning coat and that show is making me want to actually wear it in public) and The Shot is all about fashion photography. Watching it makes me go, "I can so do that."
  • I'll get pictures of the house as soon as I actually finish moving in. Which will probably be never? But seriously--we're still trying to figure out how to get all our clothes put away. (We have a lot of clothes.) When I get that done, I'll take pictures. I promise.
  • I have a photo shoot coming up on Thursday and I'm pretty excited. I'll be using a new location, and that's always fun.
Ok, I have to run.


more snippets

Aaaaand we still have no internet. I've done two shoots since the move, scheduled more weddings, and am officially a shift supervisor at work. Also still have not moved in completely, and finally found the box of hats and scarves that I looked for all winter long.

But I'm not dead. Woo!