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Just when we thought blog postage couldn't get any sketchier, it does. Erg. I'm sorry, dear readers, really I am. But somehow I've been off having a life and working my tush off, instead of my usual just working my butt off mode of operation. I have, however, started a new project, and that's what I wanted to share. You know how I've been ruminating this concept of body image and beauty and expectations and what all this means? Well, I don't have any solutions, but I want to show that people are beautiful. They are. Just because they're people. So I've started taking pictures of them. And posting them here. I have no idea what this project will turn into, if anything, but the process, of getting people to relax for me, should be interesting.

In other news: this week I'm in Ohio for a day, this Saturday I'm in Wilmington, and Sunday I'm in NYC for the night to celebrate le sister-in-law's birthday. WooO!


Toiling Ant said…
You might be interested in this.

{lauryl} said…
i love it! great idea!

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