spring is coming

Yesterday it was ridiculously warm here. And this is what it felt like: golden and glowing.


wednesday wonderfulness

It's been...a week. Only three weeks until my due date, and I feel about to burst. No, I'm not worried about childbirth. I just want the baby to BE HERE. Anyway, I have found a few good things. (Mostly as I'm surfing the internet on my ipad as I battle pregnancy insomnia.)
I know, not much here. But that's all for now.


also: app that will make your life easier

No, really. I'm obsessed with Grocery IQ. I loaded it on my iPad, use that as I walk around the kitchen building a list, or add stuff as I think of it. Then when I go to the store I sync it to my Driod and it's all organized by aisle. So. Freaking. Fast.

It's a free download, so it's so worth trying.

how to make a pug look like a valentine

So I meant to have this (very unsatisfactory) tutorial up for Valentine's Day, but it just didn't happen. So here you go.
Ok, this sweater is for Snorty, and he has a GIANT NECK. I just wanted to use the actual turtleneck of the sweater, so the entire process of making it involves pulling the sweater on inside out, pinning it, removing, cutting, and trying on again. Fortunately he is a very patient dog. As you can see from image number two, for some reason I decided to put the seams in the back. Not sure why I did that. but it worked out ok. I left a bit of a curved yoke in the back. to which I attached everything. The (almost) finished product is the last image.

Voila! This is what it looked like complete. I just hand stitched on a heart, just like with my sweater, and it really disguised the seams. As for Bernie's sweater, well, that's a whole different thing, and I am not completely happy with how it turned out, so I'll save the tutorial on that one.
There you go! Doggie sweaters from upcycled materials.


how to: make a valentine's day sweater

I've been obsessed with this sweater ever since I saw it on Oh Joy. Unfortunately, at $168 it's a little out of my budget. Then I saw this tutorial and I realized: with Valentine's Day coming up, I have a perfect excuse to make a sweater with a giant heart. (And then I went a little crazy and made matching ones for my dogs. But that's another story.) Anyway, I decided I wanted to make something that would at least sort of fit now, and hopefully will be loose and tunic-y post baby.

So first I went to goodwill and stocked up on sweaters. The one on the left is the one I wanted modify; it's a cashmere-silk blend mens sweater. The other two were the ones I wanted to use to make the dog sweaters/applique. I felted them really lightly to make them a little easier to handle. Key when choosing your sweaters: make sure they're natural fibers, and if you're planning to felt them, make sure they're something that will. (Hint: cotton frays easily. Don't use that for the modified sweater.)

First step: make the men's sweater slightly more feminine. I laid it flat and cut the sleeves at 3/4 length, removed the band at the bottom, and made the top into a boat neck.

Step two: finish the sleeve edges. I used the ribbon that I had on hand, which happened to be this awesome polka-dotted stuff. I sewed it on flat, with a running stitch, first, then turned it under and whipstitched it in place. And then I added a very fine row of top-stitching near the edge to keep things smooth (not shown). I didn't do this on the neckline or bottom, because I wanted it to have a little bit of a looser feel. I may rethink that plan, though.

For the applique, I just cut a heart out of the lightly felted sweater. I lay the whole thing flat and smoothed it into place, then started stitching with a running stitch.

Rather than trying to pin it in place, I just kept it all flat on the floor and rotated the whole sweater as I sewed. (I can see this being tricky if you have carpeted floors, though.) Make sure you only go through the top layer!

Voila! Heart sweater. I am pretty happy with how it came out. Would love if it were a little longer, but will totally compromise on that because it's so SOFT. (Decidedly softer than some of the others I was looking at.)


And yes, I will so totally wear this post Valentine's Day. Everyone needs more hearts in their life!


thursday puglove

I call this one "the secret."

wednesday wonderfulness, a day late AGAIN

It's been a bit of a crazy week; long hours at job #1 plus inability to concentrate at job #2 caused (I think) by the fatigue that comes from low iron and...yeah. Anyway, no internet times for me! Until this morning, which time I am also using to catch up on emails, etc. So. Things I'm loving.
Finally, listen at LEAST until 1:35. I promise. Beautiful.


watching on a monday

A friend sent me this video, and I kind of really love it. Leadership lessons as learned from a crazy shirtless dancing guy.