how to make a pug look like a valentine

So I meant to have this (very unsatisfactory) tutorial up for Valentine's Day, but it just didn't happen. So here you go.
Ok, this sweater is for Snorty, and he has a GIANT NECK. I just wanted to use the actual turtleneck of the sweater, so the entire process of making it involves pulling the sweater on inside out, pinning it, removing, cutting, and trying on again. Fortunately he is a very patient dog. As you can see from image number two, for some reason I decided to put the seams in the back. Not sure why I did that. but it worked out ok. I left a bit of a curved yoke in the back. to which I attached everything. The (almost) finished product is the last image.

Voila! This is what it looked like complete. I just hand stitched on a heart, just like with my sweater, and it really disguised the seams. As for Bernie's sweater, well, that's a whole different thing, and I am not completely happy with how it turned out, so I'll save the tutorial on that one.
There you go! Doggie sweaters from upcycled materials.


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