shameless plug, but for a friend

I'm typing this while parked outside Panera, using their free wireless. How the mighty are fallen! Anyway, we still don't have internet, obviously. Instead we have inlaws. Which is awesome.

Had an engagement shoot Tuesday night--adorable. I wanted to carry the couple with my everywhere, because they were so much fun.

Anyway, my good friend clint has submitted a threadless design that I think is funny. Vote!

*mwah* to you all.


checking in, rather quickly

We moved last weekend, and the internet is not yet connected. Hence, no posts. However, I am alive, and the house is adorable, and life is good.

Miss you, my faithful readers! Will be back soon, I promise.


another bit of news

I was in the paper yesterday. I spent monday at a career day for local highschool students, talking about what it takes to be a successful photographer (like I know!) and out of about 50 presenters, mine was the face that ended up in print. Once you see this expression, you'll understand why I like to be behind the camera.


current submissions

I'll post wednesday wonderfulness tomorrow. Maybe. For now, I've submitted a couple of photos to jpgmag, so if you're a member and you think they're worth it, vote. Please!


this is what floats around in my head

I've had this photoshoot in my head for a while, and finally last Saturday we drove to Ocean City to take the shots. The concept was vintage coats with stilettos, very vintage glam hair, and red lips, against a background of the abandoned beaches. Well, we got to the beach and it was pouring and the wind was gusting up to 55 mph. So the girls didn't want to do it, but we hadn't just spent 2 hours pincurling Jo's hair just to give up. You can see her hair deteriorate as the shoot progresses, and maybe I should call this "the ruined shoot." But I absolutely adore these pictures and think my sister looks amazing.

the eyes have it

striking a pose

clara bow



joie de vivre



like a skylark

hiding from the crowds

calling a cab

last night's fun




wednesday wonderfullness, just under the wire

Also, has anyone seen Penelope yet? I'm thinking about taking a young cousin to see it on Saturday--reviews?

question of the day

I was discussing this with coworkers (and some customers) today: if your personality were an animal, what would it be? I'm a kangaroo rat, because I'm hyper, kind of a loner, like hot weather, and am easily distracted by shiny things. You?


watching obsessively

Agatha Christie's Marple. Apparently this is a BBC series; I picked it up from the library and have been loving it, and not only because Miss Marple looks exactly like she should. Here's why you should look into it: the clothes. They're AMAZING. I find myself coveting at least one outfit per scene, and want to live on several of the sets. Miss Marple has a fabulous sweater, as well, but I can't seem to find a picture online.



The older I get, the more I understand why my mum would throw plates. Now, I know that's not acceptable behavior, and I know she's bipolar, and I know throwing things is never the answer. Maybe this is a sign that I'm sliding toward insanity, or maybe I'm just being honest--don't we all want to throw things sometimes?--but I understand. That stack of Fiestaware plates, to her, wasn't just a stack of plates: it was proof that she wasn't just a housewife who lived in a tiny cinderblock house with a leaky roof and five children, but a person with taste and appreciation of beauty. Those plates were proof that she was more than the sum of her parts, that there was a life beyond the obvious, that someday she would have a house and lifestyle to go with her dreams. So when one broke, the frustration was too much.
Or maybe she just liked to throw china.


on sale at Anthro

stackable cups, $2.95 each.
I love these little guys, and would so pick up a stack if I weren't currently on a spending moratorium. Le sigh. Someone else do it so I can live vicariously.

wedneday wonderfulness, late edition

So I'm a slacker this week, like many others, I suppose. But I do have a few links of awesomeness for you.
  • this blog. I ran across it through flickr, and I love it. Gorgeous pictures. 
  • crazy little old ladies. I LOVE.
  • since we're trying to get a house, money is much on the brain. twenty tips for spending less.
  • I found this shop because she commented on the blog, and I love it. Punk softies! awesome.
  • I think bitsandbobbins posted about this originally, but it's lovely stuff.
  • this one is going on my "keep for inspiration" list: art installations. I love the way hanging your artwork with thought makes the difference between a pretty pictures and a strong statement.


the only smell worse than hardboiled eggs

Burnt hardboiled eggs that have exploded all over the kitchen floor because they have been forgotten.


the best thing about being married

Friday nights spent in, wearing (his) sweatpants and an old cashmere sweater, curled up with a book, instead of out on the prowl, wearing stilettos and tight jeans.