good news

Issue 16 of jpg Mag is out, and my picture is on page 90! I'm rather thrilled, and now formulating my next attack on the publishing industry.

update on life

reading: Atonement, by Ian McEwan. It's absolutely lovely, and much more subtle than the movie. Beautiful writing.
watching: Prince Caspian. We didn't make the midnight showing of this, instead landing at a packed Friday night viewing where we watched, necks kinked, from the third row. But I still loved it. It doesn't feel two hours long at all. There are a couple differences from the book (it's been a while since I read it, so there could be more), like the attack on the castle and the romance between Caspian and Susan, but I think as a whole it works quite well. Loved.
eating: strawberry shortcake for every possible meal. Seriously.
listening: "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" soundtrack. It's hilarious. Has two of the puppet rock opera songs from the movie, as well as "these boots are made for walking" in Hawaiian. Seriously.


this is for katy*~

I saw the sleeves, and I knew you needed this picture, kates. both images scanned from this book.



best. ring photo. ever.

From last night's shoot. We got some seriously lovely images; I'm thrilled. I can't post any more until she has seen them, so you'll have to be content with this. This is actually my brother-in-law (if you don't recognize him from the family photos) and his very lovely fiancee. She's charming, and sweet, and funny, and I'm soso glad she's joining the family.
eta: now if you click on the photo, it will take you to the rest of the set. Well, a few of them. They're not done yet.


sometimes we are silly

When we were in Ohio a couple of weekends ago, I got bored one night and we started teasing L's hair. Then came makeup, crazy outfits, friends arrived...and this is the result.

and this is what we do when we get bored


people inspire me

People like meg elizabeth and lara jade. Confession: I am slacking. I am supposed to be writing text for an ad for a local company. I have no brilliant ideas right now.


back for reals

We have the interwebs now! However, don't expect my blogging to be prolific at all. For one thing, our connection is super-slow (a little above dialup) so I'm not doing much surfing and link collecting. However, I do want to pop in every so often and share my new favorites.

I hit the thrift stores yesterday and totally scored on the pictures front. That (combined with the fact that I actually had time to do it) inspired me to finally work on getting our house to look like a home. The above is a shot of my newly arranged baking station; I decided to take advantage of the (rather randomly located) plug and add some much-needed counter space. The awesome Moulin Rouge poster I picked up at Goodwill yesterday, the black-and-white images on the left were cut out of a book and framed in thrifted frames. Lovely, no?

This was my other find of the day; I discovered one outfit in the bottom of a huge bin full of free books, and commenced to pulling all the books out until I found as many as I could. The staff looked at me quite oddly, but faint heart never found cool vintage paper dolls! Sadly, the head is ripped off, and I only found the boy's head and the girl's body, but I have high hopes of using the little outfits in collages or shadowboxes.

Anyway, it's good to be back.


happy news and more pictures!

Did I mention that lack of internet is making me downright prolific? I two, possibly three shoots lined up for this weekend, and did two this past weekend. Life is GOOD.

I did one senior portrait shoot with my husband, with a lovely girl who looks like a young Eva Mendes.


Then I did a shoot of my husband and his sibs, because I'm getting one enlarged as a father's day present.

youngest to oldest

We did also did an eighties-punk inspired shoot, with AWESOME HAIR, just for fun, but I haven't edited any of those yet.

But here's the super-amazing news: one of my photos is getting published in JPGmag! Woo! Remember the jumpy umbrella one? Next issue! I'm so excited it's all I can do not to squeal aloud in a public place. Wooooo! Thanks for all your votes, faithful readers--I know you were a huge part of this.