goals 2009

It's good to write these things down, right? This way I can see how overly ambitious I actually am! (Or perhaps what a procrastinator I am.) So last year I completed maybe half of my list. I accomplished many things that I didn't even think I could, which is completely exciting. So here go my goals for 2009.
  • Lose 20 pounds. This will be the year I am finally confident in a bikini. I have no idea how much I've lost this summer, but I felt crazy awesome in a bikini this year! Wooo! (fact: friends who tell you that you look awesome help. Seriously. You have no idea.)
  • Shoot 25 weddings Well, I shot either 22 or 23. That was PLENTY.
  • Throw three "grown up" parties, starting with an Oscar party. FAIL. Had an Oscar party, and there I STOPPED. I have people over all the time, but maybe "grown up" parties are beyond my abilities.
  • go swing dancing, finally. FAIL.
  • Mail Christmas cards before Christmas. Ha! Another year without sending Christmas cards.
  • Make 90% of my christmas gifts. FAIL. No time. Really.
  • Read one non-fiction book per month. I think I managed this, if you average it out.
  • Buy a new computer for the business. Ordered it 5/11/09
  • Run that 5k, finally. FAIL.
  • Sort and organize my clothing collection. Completed! Getting ready to do it again with the move.
  • Have an art show of just my work. FAIL.
  • Start writing that book I've been mulling over in my brain. FAIL.
  • Adopt a bulldog. Didn't happen. But we did get a bunny.
  • See a broadway show. FAIL. Despite two New York trips.
  • Take a mini-trip with le husband. (Or a full-length one, but I'm not stretching too hard here!) Also didn't happen.
  • Visit LA! (Lauryl and CS, this is to see you guys.) Visited Michigan instead.
  • Have a garden It's in progress! 05/09
I'm sure I'll add to this as I think of it.

So. There was much that I didn't do in 2009 that I originally thought I wanted to. But there were tons of other things I did that I'm super-proud of. I'll get it all written up eventually.


*tiffany* said…
Hmmm. I've started formulating my list, and I think I'm going to review last years' today. I don't think I got very far. Thanks for the inspiration!
Claire said…
Oooh - I find other people's goals very inspirational.
ambika said…
Ooo, bulldogs are so sweet! & their snoring is hysterical.
Sylvie said…
What a great list. I think I'll just borrow it!
Yay to an Oscar party. The only trouble for me is, all of the top films get released just a few weeks before the ceremony and I have a hard time seeing many of them. You can't really get involved in the awards if you haven't seen the films.
I watched a cute bulldog video on this wonderful artist's site yesterday:

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