wednesday wonderfulness

Hello lovelies! I know I haven't been around much this past week; it's been a week, k? But I did have some time to poke around on the internets and find good stuff for you.
  • This tutorial looks really interesting.
  • Oh. Oh goodness. Honestly: is this something you would try?
  • um, her skinny pant refashion? PERFECTION.
  • I feel like I could possibly find some awesome new music here.
  • this is definitely how I feel about planking.
  • I am absolutely enthralled with this website. to quote someone: "You look at this gorgeous girl and realize she's the same size as me. So maybe I'm gorgeous too?" Lovelove. When I punched in my height, weight, and body type, I was shocked to discover that the bodies on display were, in fact, beautiful.
  • can I please have a dessert table? Please?
  • and you know, just in case you care, here is the ongoing map of places that I need to visit when I have time in NYC. (And here are my favorites, the ones I make time for EVERY TIME.)
  • definitely checking out this playlist.
  • love the light in this editorial.
  • am I the only person who is very annoyed that every single one of these photos were shot on an angle? It's so contrived!
  • love that this editorial is so different from the usual swimsuit spreads. Very much about the form. Consequently, it's beautiful.
That's it for now, lovelies. Although if anyone wants to share their google maps with me, I'd love to see!


fleur_delicious said…
wow, what a roundup. LOVE the "real body" site - I totally had that same reaction, wow! And LOVE the spain-inspired gorgeous.

can you believe I had never heard of planking before? Wow, I wasn't missing much, was I? ;)

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