how to: wear white

This post was supposed to be ready monday, but then life intervened. So here it is, a few days late.
Fact: I spend the weeks between memorial day wearing white pretty much every single day. I own no less than eight pairs of white pants, as well as several white dresses and white skirts. OXYCLEAN IS MY FRIEND. I pick up white at the end of season sales every summer, so yeah, my collection is a little out of control. Anyway, wanted to share a few of my favorite ways to wear it so that it looks fresh and classy instead of eighties redux.

Skinny jeans, heels, simple stripes? Sign me up. Key to wearing white: I try to keep lines pretty simple. It's very attention-getting, anyway, so you don't need lots of furbelows. (My particular white skinnies are by Michael Kors and they are ahMAZing. Flats, heels, wedges...everything looks good with them.)

I really almost wore this outfit the other day. My shirt is cut slightly different, but that's the color. You know how everyone has that one color that makes them look PERFECT? (Mine is cobalt blue.) Pair THAT color next to your face with a perfectly cut white skirt, and suddenly you're turning heads right and left. And you feel like a million dollars.
Also: I'm currently obsessed with layering necklaces. My sister started it, and right now I wear almost daily: an elephant on a gold chain (gift from sister), a silver platypus (favorite animal) and a silver manatee (second favorite animal). I'm also working on mixing gold and silver.

All white. Head to toe. This takes guts to wear, but such fun. Wide-legged pants, fitted top, flat sandals...add texture through accessories. And add drama (if you need more!) with red lippy.

What's your favorite way to wear white?


Sarah said…
white + aqua always makes me feel so fresh and summery.
Anonymous said…
I like white -- especially white dress shirts and polos -- because it's so clean. But being overweight, it doesn't look as good as I think it looks on me.

Also, given the Euro-trash look, you hear "cool" people remarking: Look at those fat American tourists wearing white.

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