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Tina said…
I don't think I've ever commented on your blog, but I've been reading for years. :)

In regards to the baby registry items, there are a lot of things I agree with and a few I don't. Here (quickly because I think my baby's nap will be over soon) are a few things I like to recommend:

First off, definitely, definitely recommend the Ergo baby carrier (my son is now a year old and we still use it for everything).

I really recommend a jogging stroller over a regular stroller (so much easier to control and maneuver). You don't have to go super fancy and get a BOB stroller (although they are very nice) - we have the BabyTrend Jogger travel system (car seat + stroller) which sells for under $200 at walmart & has great reviews almost everywhere.

I also recommend the book sleeping through the night by jodi mindell, and the no cry sleep solution by elizabeth pantley to everyone.

We hated the diaper genie and loved the (cheaper, surprisingly) babytrend diaper champ. you can use any kitchen-sized trash bag in them, too.

Our family has a history of soap/dye/perfume allergies, so we always used Tide Free and were surprised to find out that most baby laundry detergent has perfume in it!

oops, kiddo is awake, I'll try to comment again later. :O) Hope what little I've been able to write is useful!

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