the self portrait project is falling behind

project 52, week 43
project 52, week 43
Spring is creeping up here, slowly and yet inevitably. The days are growing warmer, to my great relief. As I type this it's still February, but barely, and we've had several days over 60 degrees in my area. In fact, the weather has been so lovely that I've periodically considered exercising. (A thought prompted, perhaps, by my thickening midsection.) I usually manage to drown these radical thoughts with a good book; it sucks me in, luring me with promises of worlds yet to be explored.
I should probably be worried that bookings aren't pouring in faster, but I can't bring myself to be. I'm too...relaxed. I'm enjoying these days of cooking, reading, catching up on the life I sacrifice in the summer when I can barely hear myself think. Maybe I'm losing my edge, maybe I'm not pushing hard enough. I don't care. I like the lower stress levels.


quads, mostly

I have outtakes scattered about from my latest projects/photoshoots that won't make the cut anywhere else. So I'm sharing them here, with a bit of explanation.
I took my camera to a gathering of my dad and his sibs a couple of weeks ago. They're CRAZY, yo.

Self-portrait outtakes. With red lipstick.

Self portrait outtakes on a windy day. (One of these got used, actually.)

My husband got his motorcycle running today. He's pretty happy, I tell you.

Locations to be used in an upcoming shoot. I'm becoming so lazy that I no longer write things down: I just take pictures.


all day I dream about shoes

I had kinda heard the name Charlotte Olympia before, vaguely, but wasn't sure what their product of choice was. But now, having read this post about their fashion show...I'm hooked. I'm scrolling the internets, desperate to find other places that sell their products online, but there aren't many.
Shoes as art. Ah, yes.


tunes on a tuesday

My latest mix, created just for you all. Warning: it does end with a country song. But his voice is so swoonworthy, I can't stop listening to it.


where I've been: a brief tour

My husband was gone last week--ALL WEEK LONG--so I spent my time organizing my office. Which, I must say, has long needed it.

This is what my office looked like at the beginning of the week. As you can see, it has become the dumping ground for everything. If I don't know what to do with something, I just say "put it on my desk!" and it all sort of piles up from there. My husband and I live in a 900 square foot apartment that's divided into four rooms: kitchen/living/dining area, bedroom, bathroom, and my office. As you can see, whatever doesn't fit into one of those spaces goes in the office, so I spent much time getting rid of STUFF so that everything could fit.

After: I've moved all the bins full of yarn and fabric to the garage, gotten rid of enough books to allow my whole collection of books (including cookbooks) and magazines on the shelves, moved a dresser into the space to serve as my camera storage space, and created a cozy reading spot at the end.
There's more I want to do, of course.
This is my new camera station. I have no idea how other people store their cameras, but mine get tucked into the camera bags. The dresser was formerly in the living room; it holds my spare tablecloths, gift wrap, and pet supplies. (Separate drawers, I promise.)

Top of the right hand bookshelf. Formerly full of random piles of books and games, now used for display of photos. (My cat is sad that I didn't keep it clear.) The painting is of my grandparents' house, and was done by my aunt. The two photos in the forefront are my current favorites.

Current periodicals reading pile. (Current BOOK reading pile is at least a foot tall.) I need a lamp for this table, or perhaps a floor lamp. I want to add more art to this wall, eventually.

Vintage pillows for comfy goodness. I have an old quilt over the chair because it's made out of a weird, catchy sort of fabric that picks up cat hair like nobody's business.

The cleared desk! I didn't take a before, but I switched the way it was arranged, so hopefully things will be more easily accessible for both me and my husband (he uses the printer). Yes, my file stack is still a bit disordered. I need to tackle that.

I love this basket: it has all the random glasses that I've acquired for photo shoots and such. I'm trying to create the habit of throwing my keys and glasses here when I walk in the door. Hopefully this will eliminate running around looking for both at 5 in the morning.

So that's my newly organized office. I'm still working on the rest of the apartment, but it's coming together slowly. I'll have to share pictures if I ever get that done.


love letter to the universe

Confession: I hate Valentine's Day. It's so...cliched, and over-processed, and commercialized, and pretty much created by greeting card companies. BUT. My favorite color combination in the world is red and pink together, and Vday is the one day I can unabashedly dress like a valentine. (Also? CHOCOLATE.)

So in leiu of all the amazing posting about love that's happening across the internet, I'll just wallow for a bit in blissful pinks and reds. Together. Enjoy!

Source: flickr.com via marion on Pinterest

Source: via Florina on Pinterest


self-portrait sunday

project 52, week 42
I am pretty much the klutziest person you will ever meet. When I was young I would trip on air bubbles as I walked across the room. I've broken my nose twice, and the first time it was because I tripped over my own feet. Consequently, when I was eight my mom decided to enroll me in ballet lessons. My younger sister, Joy, was also signed up for the enterprise, and I'm not sure why, since she was always much more naturally graceful and athletic than I.
I took ballet for four years, stopping at age twelve because that's the time when you go on pointe, and I was nowhere near dedicated enough for that. All these years later, I still consider myself a klutz. I've had friends tell me how graceful I am, and I have to laugh, because really? I'm so not. I can walk well in heels, and that is all. Change any factor, add any variations, and I'm a tripping giraffe. Put me in sneakers? I stomp about like a ravaging T Rex. Tell me a funny story while I'm moving forward? I'll probably trip. Attempt to slow me down from my ferocious walking speed? I shuffle like I'm in mortal need of a walker. Add too much caffeine to my system? I'll prance in my stilettos. Put on preppy little flats and I'll trip over my own feet and injure my rotator cuff. (True story. Wouldn't have happened if I'd had on heels.)
I walk well in heels. This is my athletic skill. I cannot catch or throw a ball. I cannot bowl, or ski, or skateboard, or spike a volleyball, or do a handstand. I walk. In heels.
And yet, so far? It seems to be sufficient.


wednesday wonderfulness, oops I forgot!

I have no idea how I forgot that yesterday was Wednesday, but there you have it. I totally did. So without further ado: this week's round of linky goodness.


eye candy

I've come across several photo shoots/portfolios lately that I adore, and I want to share them all, so I'm going to link to them instead of sharing just the images. But trust me: these will make you want to pull out your camera.
There. Don't you want to go take some pictures now?
Edited to add: Jess, also inspired by the blue monday shoot, did some research, and they were taken by Natalia Ilina.


what I think

quote from here

self portrait

project 52, week 41
project 52, week 41

People claim to be old souls, but sadly, I don't think I qualify as one. I wish I did, though, because it sounds much more intriguing than what I am: perpetually unable to act my age. Instead of wisdom beyond my years, I have incessant "that's what she said" jokes and the ability to make anything to sound inappropriate. I still skip in parking lots, I jump on trampolines, and I forget to eat on occasion.
Despite this, I'm really not a party person. I knit. I own a rocking chair. I love to bake, read, and listen to frank sinatra. My favorite piece of music of all time is by Aaron Copland. I claim to be an eighty-six year old woman in a twenty-nine year old body, and my husband will vouch for that claim.
Which leaves me sure of one thing only: I love to laugh, and will crack a joke about pretty much anything. Unfortunately. (It gets me in trouble a lot.) But it keeps life interesting.


wednesday wonderfulness

Hmmm, quite a random mishmash here. Although apparently I'm really loving design blogs right now.


tunes on a tuesday

Two very different songs that I'm macking on right now.
(This one does contain swearing. Clean version here.)