the self portrait project is falling behind

project 52, week 43
project 52, week 43
Spring is creeping up here, slowly and yet inevitably. The days are growing warmer, to my great relief. As I type this it's still February, but barely, and we've had several days over 60 degrees in my area. In fact, the weather has been so lovely that I've periodically considered exercising. (A thought prompted, perhaps, by my thickening midsection.) I usually manage to drown these radical thoughts with a good book; it sucks me in, luring me with promises of worlds yet to be explored.
I should probably be worried that bookings aren't pouring in faster, but I can't bring myself to be. I'm too...relaxed. I'm enjoying these days of cooking, reading, catching up on the life I sacrifice in the summer when I can barely hear myself think. Maybe I'm losing my edge, maybe I'm not pushing hard enough. I don't care. I like the lower stress levels.


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