brain dump

I just realized last night that I've accumulated quite a pile of links that make me say "hmm. interesting." So instead of waiting for Wednesday (when I most definitely will not have time to blog) I'm throwing them at you now. Have fun sorting through it all!


confession of an increasingly pregnant lady

Today is exactly 4 months until my due date. And I have a confession to make: the cute outfit on the left? Yes, that's what I wear all day at work. But on the right? It takes me approximately 4.3 seconds to change when I get home every night. Fun fact: the other night le hubs and I celebrated our anniversary, and I was changing and said, "I'm just trying to find something comfortable." Hubs started laughing. "For the first time in your life, I believe you."
Cute outfit: dress, target. Sweater, jcrew, shoes, DSW. comfy outfit: tank, gap, lounge pants, target.


on a happier note

I don't listen to much "Christian music" just because I feel like a lot of it sounds exactly the same. But I am currently completely obsessed with this song: the chorus is amazing.


things no one prepared me for about being pregnant

I have lots of friends who have kids, I have an older sister who has kids, I have plenty of people I can ask questions. But there are some things I never *thought* to ask, and things I knew with my head that, in practice, still surprise me. (Look away if you're disturbing by reading about slightly disturbing things.)
  • The boobs. They are huge. This is so bizarre.
  • Pregnant women don't wear maternity pants because they are too big for normal clothes: it's because regular pants HURT LIKE THE DICKENS.
  • Along the same lines: whoever said Braxton Hicks are painless LIED. It's like all the menstrual cramps you haven't had for five months are catching up. And I know real contractions are much MUCH worse. Why do I think I can do a natural birth? I'm crazy.
  • The tiredness of the first trimester, while ridiculous, does go away. But I still get tired much faster than I used to. Makes me glad my wedding season was short this year...
  • Heartburn is WEIRD. I'd never had it before in my entire life, so I wasn't even sure what I was feeling.
  • On a happier note: little baby kicks are pretty awesome. I think they feel like bubbles bursting in my tummy.
That's it. Be warned, girls.


preggo outfit again!

I promise you: I actually am wearing cute outfits pretty much every day, but by the time I get home a night it's either too dark to take a picture, or I'm so tired there's no way I'm going to try to look presentable. So here you go: my tummy at 21.5 weeks.
The dress is vintage, and it's a heavy wool knit, so it's stretchy. Love! And then just normal tights, shoes, and the skinny belt is on loan by my sister for the duration. I love how it actually makes my outfit look finished instead of random pieces thrown together. Also, please note that from the front I still just look like a fat girl. HOW IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE.